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The 9 Best Collaboration Elements of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that can help teams be more productive and efficient. However, with so many features and options, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best for your team. In this article, we'll explore some...

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The Digital Workplace: An All-in-One Platform

The lines between the office and where work happens are blurred. Gone are the days of needing a separate office for each department. There's a new...

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Team Building Games and Fun with Microsoft Teams in 2022

Now that Microsoft has had five years to build and perfect the 'go-to' video conferencing and chat software for home, business, enterprise, and...

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Understanding Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for GCC High

At no other time in history have we seen the push for bigger and better compliance and security measures in place to protect the data that pertains...

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The Digital Workplace: UCaaS and CCaaS Decouple From the Desk Phone

The modern workspace is now capable of going completely digital. Two years ago, we were reeling at the idea of going full remote for most businesses...

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8 Ways to Enhance Your Microsoft Teams Cyber Security in 2022

Microsoft Teams offers an effective tool for collaboration and communication. However, the recent spike in cyberattacks and users' poor security...

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Microsoft Teams turns Five in 2022: Looking Ahead

As of March, Microsoft's Teams has been available for five years. In that time, Teams' usage has grown exponentially, with Microsoft officials...

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5 Major Trends Coming to CCaaS in 2022

As more businesses look for ways to stay in constant contact with customers, learning how to personalize communications effectively has been a long...

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