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The Digital Workplace: UCaaS and CCaaS Decouple From the Desk Phone

The modern workspace is now capable of going completely digital. Two years ago, we were reeling at the idea of going full remote for most businesses...

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Cybersecurity in 2022: Unified Communications Systems Comparison

In recent years, cyber crime has unfortunately become more common for any business that utilizes computers, the internet, or the cloud to store...

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What is xCaaS and How Can it Impact Your Organization?

Since the start of the pandemic early last year, businesses have learned tons of lessons—to guarantee business continuity. In 2020, the biggest part...

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UCaaS and the Hybrid Workplace

In the last one and half years, we've changed and learned a lot. Top of the list is where we work from. Throughout 2020 and now in 2021, remote work...

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Exploring Cyber Security For Unified Communications as a Service

Your business or organization's relationship with the internet is a union of convenience.The integration of business communication services across...

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What Does the Microsoft Acquisition of Metaswitch Mean for Me?

In May 2020, Microsoft agreed to acquire 5G specialist Metaswitch Networks to expand their approach to empower operators and partner with various...

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Why You Need to Combine Your UCaaS Solution with CCaaS

Organizational communication isn’t always dictated by voice and email - and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions don’t have to be clunky...

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5 Work from Home Tips to Empower Team Productivity

Without a few boundaries and rituals, the lines between home and office can blur quickly. Checking email after dinner can quickly turn a quiet...

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