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Top 3 Reasons Boston Based Non-Profit Chose Adobe Web Conferencing

March 5, 2013

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Positive Impact of Web Conferencing to Increase Collaboration 

Consistent communication once was the main attribute for successful non-profits.  In today's technology driven work place, consistent communication remains important and is the overlying factor for many underlying categories of communication.  

One underlying category that is a major driver of business success is collaboration. Collaboration has a documented positive impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.   

A recent study noted that 36% of a company's positive performance change can be attributed to collaboration. Collaboration is a vital component of communication strategy and the impact of making a poor decision on the technology can have significant impact on actual performance and potential performance.    

So how do you make sure you are implementing the best solution for your organization?   We recently implemented a collaboration solution for a Boston based non-profit that was in need of services to facilitate collaboration among internal employees, members and government officials.   After a thorough and comprehensive review, the organization selected Adobe Connect from CallTower for their web conferencing needs.   

Top 3 Reasons Adobe Web Conferencing
Was the Right Fit: 

#1:   Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees can easily join or host a web conference. 

Adobe Connect's web browser based web conferencing solution does not require a download. Also, web meetings can be attended from mobile devices and tablets.   Finally, Adobe provides a persistent URL for meetings rather than generating a new URL for each meeting that is scheduled.  

#2:  Adobe Connect outperformed the competition for video quality and resolution. 

Presentation and application sharing are only a portion of the non-profit's web conferencing and collaboration requirements.  High quality desktop video conferencing was critical for establishing and maintaining a personal connection on their virtual meetings.   After careful deliberation, a detailed consulting process, and extensive testing, Adobe web conferencing was selected due to it's best in class video conferencing.  

#3:   Adobe Connect is feature rich yet user friendly. 

The organization required a feature rich service offering to host large events and webinars with a user friendly interface for the day to day meetings and the employees that host meetings on occasion.  Adobe Connect delivers an industry leading suite of features and a user interface with pre-loaded and customizable "pods".   The standard pods include a layout for collaboration, conversation, and presentation.   With a single mouse click, even a very unexperienced host can effortlessly transition from conversation mode with large screen video conferencing to collaboration mode for desktop sharing.  

Adobe Connect was a perfect match for this non-profit organization's requirements.  However, without following a selection evaluation and selection process, they could have easily been tied into a 12 month commitment for a service that causes more harm than good.   Take your time in the evaluation process so you can test the service among different user groups, for different meeting types, and utilizing various features.   Develop a standardized grading system for each tester to complete and report back.

If your requirements extend past collaboration and web conferencing into Unified Communications, I recommend you address each component of Unified Communications -  telephony, IM, presence, audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, and email - separately at first.   If you have a very clear and concise understanding of your requirements for each of the components, the evaluation and testing process for the many solutions will be much better.   

We have come a long way from smoke signals.   I hope you continue to forge ahead with high expectations for collaboration solutions, web conferencing services, and service/support from the providers.   The decision is a critical decision with significant and lasting impact on your organization so do not compromise on your needs and requirements.   

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