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5 Reasons your Business should be using Adobe Connect

April 25, 2013

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Now more than ever, people need the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers—around the world and across technical boundaries. 

Adobe ConnectVideo Conferencing has been evolving continuously over recent years and it originates in a variety of formats.  You can access it from applications such as FaceTime for iPhone and Skype, as well as high-definition cameras in boardrooms.  Consumers can choose many different outlets to meet their web conferencing and collaboration needs.  Video Conferencing with audio conferencing is now easily available across all technical boundaries, from high-end digital equipment to your own personal mobile device. 

1. Improve Communication and Collaboration within your Company

Video Conferencing is a powerful service used by many professions to improve communication and collaboration within an organization and with clients. Like many professionals, you may require video conferencing but do not have access to high-definition equipment, or maybe you do not have the budget to install a large video conferencing or audio conferencing platform. With Adobe Connect you can significantly improve collaboration, both inside and outside your organization, whether your clients or employees are from Boston or Beijing!

2. Fulfill a wide-range of online meeting necessities 

Video conferencing has become a powerful tool for a growing number of professions.  It is used in many capacities, from being on the road with a salesperson, to human resources small group training and even to a large group conference. These types of collaboration would not be possible with current Skype technology, and enterprise equipment just isn’t feasible. You can use Adobe Connect for an array of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing all the way to mission-critical, real-time collaboration. Adobe Connect allows your teams to work more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity while reducing costs.

3.  Ease of access through small platform technology

Worries about being out of the office during a web meeting are an issue of the past with AdobeConnect web conferencing.  You can now access your meeting from any mobile device! One of the many great things about Adobe Connect is that it does not require a download. As long as you have Internet access, you are able to host a meeting or join in as an attendee.  With Adobe Connect users enjoy 1080p high definition video that is equal to web conferencing equipment in many boardrooms. For desktop platforms, Adobe Connect Pro is able to run through your current Internet browser. Users also have access to a mobile application, so you can access your meetings when you are on the road or out of the office. Adobe Connect is designed to make your workday easier and more efficient.  

4. Ability to facilitate high capacity video-conferences 

More and more organizations, including large enterprises and government agencies, are using Adobe Connect to improve collaboration and get work done faster.  Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables a variety of uses, ranging from web meetings to eLearning to webinars. There’s no other web conferencing solution like it. With Adobe Connect, users can get the high-definition quality video you would expect from executive boardrooms, with a simple easy to use platform.   

Your meetings can become very interactive with capacity of up to 100 attendees.   With Adobe Connect, you can captivate your audience with engaging, interactive experiences and make them available to virtually anyone, anywhere, on almost any device, with just a click of a button. 

5.  Unified Communication capabilities around the World. 

The “Bridges for Peace Organization” meets weekly and daily to build worldwide relationships between Jewish and Christians faiths through education and practical deeds. Their mission is to work side-by-side for a better understanding of each other and to establish a more secure Israel. The group’s discussions were previously done with teleconferencing. Now with the help of Adobe Connect's video capabilities, the group communicates face-to-face bringing new energy and a personal touch to each session. With Adobe Connect this not-for-profit organization has improved collaboration, boosted meeting interaction and are able to more effectively meet their mission.   

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