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Office 365

Two pilots in and airplane cockpit

2 min read

Mastering Customer Growth in Enterprises with Microsoft's AI Copilot

Introduction In the dynamic world of digital technology, businesses are continually seeking innovative solutions to enhance productivity, streamline...

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microsoft teams international direct routing

1 min read

CallTower's International Microsoft Teams Phone System

International Microsoft Teams Phone System using Direct Routing provides a simple, global landline and mobile calling for Microsoft Office 365 The...

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microsoft office 365 2021

2 min read

What to Expect From Microsoft Office 365 In 2021

The head of design at Microsoft presented the company's vision for Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. It tries to help users remain focused when...

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office 365 manage control laptop pc black green keyboard

2 min read

How to Control and Manage Office 365

In many ways Office 365 is a digital workplace. It enables employees to improve productivity and job satisfaction by removing the dependency on a...

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office 365 working from home

3 min read

Office 365 and Working From Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees in various businesses and organizations have been temporarily forced to work from home in an attempt to...

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2 min read

Why You Should Voice Enable your Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

CallTower delivers an integrated Office 365 Microsoft Teams experience with global calling plans empowered by a US-based client services team,...

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4 min read

Channel Partners: How to Upsell Office 365

Give Your Customers They Tools They Need, Wherever They Are "Would you like to upgrade for a dollar more?" is a classic example of an effective...

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