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New Innovations Coming to the Cisco Webex Experience

The Webex experience is heating up in 2021, with more exciting features for users to explore. Recently, the Cisco Webex team announced the arrival of...

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What is Cisco Webex?

Some businesses and organizations have a preference for face-to-face meetings over video-based meetings using a video-based platform like Cisco Webex...

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3 Ways Collaboration via Video Meetings Beats Email

The adage goes: “Never hold a meeting for something that could be solved in an email.” While this saying holds true for most aspects of business,...

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2020 Recap: How UCaaS Kept Us Afloat

2020 changed everything. Organizations shut their doors due to the COVID-19 crisis, conferences were cancelled and travel ceased. Many found...

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How to Run a Video Meeting Like a Pro

Everyone has experienced this: You attend a video meeting, webinar, training session or conference, and it starts off well but it quickly breaks...

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Microsoft Teams and Audio Conferencing: A Perfect Match

In today's working environment, there have been many requests made in regard to Microsoft Teams conference bridges. When you hold a license to...

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4 New Normals for Conferencing when Working from Home

Like it or not, there is a new normal in the world of business communication – we're working from home. As it goes with many rapid and expansive...

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Video Conferencing ROI: The Benefits of Investing

It is likely that you have heard a lot of hype in recent years about the benefits of video conferencing. However, you may still find yourself...

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