In the modern business landscape, collaboration and communication are the beating heart of every thriving organization. As companies relentlessly search for ways to supercharge their productivity, many are embracing cutting-edge technologies to heighten their team's collaborative spirit and streamline communication.

Microsoft Teams has ascended as a pioneering communication and collaboration solution, offering users an uninterrupted experience across all devices. CallTower’s integration with Solgari takes this a step further by delivering an in-application contact center and communication capabilities right within Microsoft Teams.

The Magic of Solgari's Microsoft Teams Integration

Solgari is a cloud-based telephony and communication contact center platform that empowers businesses to connect with their customers through an omnichannel approach (voice, SMS, web chat, etc.). By integrating with Microsoft Teams, Solgari creates a comprehensive communications ecosystem for businesses. It enables dynamic voice and SMS messaging within the Teams platform and brings modern communication functionalities like automated voice recording and voice-to-text transcription.

Why Choose CallTower’s Microsoft Teams and Solgari?


Enhanced Communication:

The integration of CallTower’s Teams and Solgari amplifies communication opportunities. Microsoft Teams offers messaging, audio, and video calls, and virtual meeting rooms, while Solgari adds advanced features like high-quality voice calls and instant messaging. This combined platform fosters a novel way of communicating across the company, enabling fluid conversations and superior audio and video calls.

Streamlined Customer Engagement:

Customer engagement becomes effortless with the integration of CallTower’s Teams and Solgari. Solgari's Cloud Contact Center capabilities integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing valuable functionalities like call routing, IVR, CTI, and digital channels like SMS and Email. This integration enables organizations to consolidate different departments' customer services into a single hub, offering a consistent omnichannel experience to customers, and promoting better engagement and satisfaction.

Increased Productivity:

The integration of CallTower’s Teams and Solgari boosts productivity. Team members can make calls, send messages, and join conference calls from the same interface, making it easier to switch between communication channels. Real-time reporting makes it easy to monitor customer interactions, paving the way for faster decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Amplified Customer Experience:

The Omnichannel approach provided by Solgari ensures customers receive the best possible experience. Customer requests are automatically routed to the right team member, who can respond through Microsoft Teams. This enhances the coordination of support requests, enabling faster resolution of customer issues.


The alliance of these two powerful technologies brings forth high-caliber communication, seamless customer engagement, and a boost in productivity that translates into elevated customer satisfaction and improved business results. The allure of this transformational blend is undeniable, drawing in an increasing number of businesses keen to revolutionize their communication and collaboration strategies. Connect with Calltower today to uncover the dynamics of seamless communication with Solgari and Microsoft teams fusion. 



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