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Lets Talk Money….Online Conferencing ROI

January 14, 2014

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1)  Workplaces and their unique needs continue to evolve

Workplaces have evolved significantly over the past two decades, with companies and organizations going global it is becoming more and more common for businesses to have offices spread across the world.  And while businesses are becoming more spread out domestically and globally it is still of utmost importance to stay connected and to continue to improve collaboration within a business or organization. 

2)  More and more employees are working away from the office

Today more than 25% of all employees work remotely (away from the office).  This is a large percentage of an organization’s workforce and businesses must implement products and procedures that allow these employees to stay connected whether they are working from home or on the road, and supporting virtual workplaces also adds many significant benefits to your organization.  One of these benefits is the enhanced ability to enter into new marketplaces that previously were unreachable.  With the ability to support employees in virtually any location you can provide your products and/or services to markets across the globe!

3)  The many benefits of conferencing and collaboration

Another great benefit is the ability to meet with employees all at once no matter the time or location.  Set a specific meeting time and host an all-in-one web conference or conference call instead of spending countless hours calling and meeting with employees groups at a time.  This also enables you to easily interview new job candidates and to train new hires.  Host a live interview or send a recorded employee training session to new employees.  This will significantly cut down on excess expenses in regards to travel.  If a prospective customer would like to meet with you or one of your sales managers they can hop on a video conference instead of spending money to travel to them.  You can cut expenses and most importantly save time by utilizing conferencing solutions in your workplace.

4)  Conferencing offers a ROI that is unmatched

Conferencing also enables you to quickly share and collaborate on large files and projects.  If a team within your organization is working on a project together and they are spread between offices across the country they can easily collaborate without sending emails and instant messages back and forth.  Several products such as Microsoft Sharepoint give users the ability to work on a file simultaneously with others which can allow your employees to get things done faster while producing a better product due to the improved communication and collaboration between team members.  Other conferencing products such as Zoom Video Communicator allow users to send large files instantly within the meeting room to all users in attendance.  This is a great feature if you need to share a large file with 50-100 users you can do so with a single click as opposed to manually attaching the files to emails and sending them out. 

5)  Identify your organization’s needs, and implement the solution.

As is mentioned, there are differing conferencing products for differing needs.  It is important to identify your business’ goals and ways to improve existing processes so that you can make an informed decision on which product would add the most benefit to your organization.  Whether you can benefit from improved collaboration services or video conferencing that can reduce travel expenses, there is a solution for every need and specification.  And when you find the solution that is right for your business, be sure to choose a conferencing provider that will give you the tools and support you need to succeed and to successfully implement the solution within your organization.

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