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How to Use Adobe Connect Breakout Rooms

May 14, 2013

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What is a Breakout Room in Adobe Connect?

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Breakout rooms are sub-rooms within a meeting or web meetings that an administrator can designate to various participants.  

Breakout rooms are very useful when a meeting or web conference administrator needs to split-up a large group into segmented smaller groups.  

If an administrator is managing a 30 person meetings which includes 5 different “teams” within his or her organization, then the administrator can create a breakout room for each team so that they can each collaborate and communicate within their own teams.  Breakout rooms have the ability to host sessions of over 200 meeting participants, and an administrator or meeting host can create up to 20 different breakout rooms for a single meeting or training session.

What benefits do Breakout Rooms offer within a web conference?

If you are a meeting administrator hosting a web conference with employees in your organization Adobe Connect’s breakout room feature can be very useful and efficient.  For example, you have a group of 35 meeting participants in the meeting from several departments of your company, and you need each department to discuss a set of data that you just presented to the entire meeting.  

You could use the breakout room tool to separate these meeting participants into several small groups in several breakout rooms.  Within each breakout room, the participants have full access to all of Adobe Connect’s tools and features such as screen sharing, whiteboards and a chat pod.  In addition, the host or meeting administrator can visit each breakout room and answer any questions that may arise.  When the meeting participants are finished within their breakout rooms the administrator can end each breakout session and return all participants to the main web conference, with no loss of connection.  

How does audio work within each Breakout Room?

In breakout rooms each room supports a separate audio conference as long as your integrated telephony provider supports Adobe Connect breakout rooms.  If your integrated telephony provider does not, then you must manually configure your telephony breakouts to match the online breakout rooms by using private audio bridges.  

If your telephony provider does not support audio breakouts, then you may use VoIP telephony along with computer microphones.  In this instance, each breakout room has a separate VoIP channel, which allows each room to have its own individual audio conference. Each participant has full VoIP rights in each of the breakout rooms.  Once the host ends each breakout room session, everyone returns to the main meeting room and the main VoIP audio channel.  

What Breakout Room layouts are available?

Breakout rooms in Adobe Connect come in a default layout.  Meeting hosts or administrators can edit and design a new layout for breakout rooms based on the needs of the meeting participants.  New layouts can be designed to improve efficiency and help meetings flow smoother and become better organized.  

When the meeting administrator selects the “start breakouts” button, the active layout is automatically reproduced in each of the newly created breakout rooms.  But if you create 2 breakout rooms while the main meeting layout is in layout 1, then those 2 breakout rooms will have layout 1.  If you then change the layout to layout 2, then each breakout room selected after the layout change will have layout 2.


How to Use Adobe Connect Breakout Rooms

If you would like different content in each breakout room, but want to keep the default layout, prepare each breakout room before the meeting or training session goes live to participants. First, you make  the number of breakout rooms that you require, then click Start Breakouts and move yourself, as meeting host, to and from each breakout room and load the content you require into each Share Pod.  Then end each breakout room.  When meeting participants join your content is ready in each pre-made breakout room. You are able to edit content while the meeting is taking place.

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