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5 Adobe Connect Tips for Hosts & Presenters

May 23, 2013

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Adobe Connect is a versatile easy to use web conferencing solution for presentations. 

Adobe Connect

It delivers exceptionally rich interactions and enables organizations of all sizes to improve productivity. Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that enables a variety of uses, ranging from web meetings to eLearning to webinars. Adobe Connect is customizable, allowing a presenter or host to have complete control of the look, feel and flow of their web presentation.

1) Utilize the Presenter Only Area

The presenter only area is located within the organizers toolbar.  It enables you to prepare content and/or data for your presentation or web meetings.  You can also store confidential presentation content in this toolbar.  This comes in handy when you would like to present information to users at a specific point during a web conference.  Hosts can also use the toolbar to promote meeting attendees to different roles.  With one-click a host can pass control (referred to as promoting) of the meeting to another presenter.  Once you have promoted an attendee, that person gains all of the functionality of the host.  The promoted user can edit existing layouts and create new ones for their portion of the web meeting, webinar or eLearning demonstration.  


2) Control and Increase Web Conferencing Participation

The host has several pods designed to effectively manage event participation.  From the Attendee pod, the host and users can easily monitor who is logged into a meeting and view everyone’s name, role, and status. The host can control an attendee’s volume, mute the connection, and place the user on hold. You have several options for dialing out to include participants in an audio conference call. You can dial out to a registered participant by using the telephone number stored in their profile or by entering a new telephone number. To include an unregistered participant in the audio conference call only, you can enter a new name and number to dial. 

Not only does the Q & A pod increase participant interaction, a host can also send messages to select meeting participants or announce pertinent information to the entire Adobe Connect meeting room. Attendees can also send private chat messages to one another through the pod.  The advanced Polling pod gives the host full control to generate polls with custom answers. These pods bring your presentations to the next level, by elevating interaction and creating a more friendly and engaging environment

3) Measure Participation using Engagement DashBoardEngagementDashboard

The Engagement Dashboard is located in the Attendee Pod, within the web conferencing window.  This tool allows you to grade your web and audio conference through interaction levels.  Measuring presentation engagement provides you with valuable feedback on your web meetings overall impact. You can segment the Engagement DashBoard to show the entire groups interaction levels or determine the scale of participation from an individual attendee.  

4) Customize the flow of information with the Share Pod

Adobe Connect hosts have several tools and features designed to make collaboration and communication more effective and interactive than ever. With the Share Pod, you can share your screen with participants and control their screen sizes.  During a presentation you may have several different files you would like to access & share with the group.  From the Share Pod you can navigate your computer or mobile device to share additional documents or data. You can even adjust all participants to view a full-screen variation only.  To create the largest viewing window for participants, you can hide the toolbars completely.  

5) Fix that Annoying Web Conference Echo

As a host you may also run into issues, which could negatively affect your web conference. It is important to understand how to fix these issues in a timely manner to make the most of your presentation.  The most common issue hosts, presenters and attendees deal with during online meetings is audio echo. There are two typical reasons echoes occur. The primary is your speakers are located too close to the computer.  To fix this, simply turn off all speakers near your computer or mobile device.  The second is when a meeting participant has logged into the meeting more than once simultaneously. To fix this, the host should look at the participant list, in the Attendee pod, and find the user with a (2) by their name.  Then use the options to remove the selected user.  This will remove the duplicate login and correct the echo.

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