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8 Facts about Adobe Connect

August 26, 2014

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Adobe Connect is a market-leading web conferencing solution that is used by a variety of businesses to vastly improve their collaboration, allowing them to get things done faster. Adobe Connect provides an innovative and easy to use web conferencing platform that can address all types of online meeting needs.

HD Video

Adobe Connect isn't just a place where you collaborate online; you can also use your webcam for high definition video conferencing, creating a more personalized face-to-face online meeting.

Interactive Polls, Q&A and chat

People love to feel involved. With Adobe, the presenter can take advantage of the easy to use polling feature, conducting customized small surveys throughout presentations to gather and share group data. As an attendee you can also take advantage of the Q&A and chat features.  The Q&A tool lets you voice your opinion, or ask a public question to the entire group.  With chat you are able to send a message to an individual, or send a message out to the group. 

Upload and share content

Adobe Connect was built for your business collaboration needs. The ability to upload and share content is crucial to any business meeting.  You can now share content while hosting meetings from your desktop or mobile device. With Adobe Connect you can upload any of these content types: PowerPoint slides (PPT and PPTX), video for Flash (FLV), interactive Flash Player compatible content (SWF), audio (MP3), PDF, Adobe Captivate® demonstrations and simulations (SWF), prerecorded Adobe Presenter courses, images (JPG and PNG), and compressed packages (ZIP) containing valid content. On top of that, you have the ability to share and present any content that is on your screen with the screen share feature.

Recording meeting

Ever been in a meeting and can't remember an important detail? We have all been in this situation, with Adobe Connect you can easily access recordings and utilize the archived meeting index. Viewers can use the meeting index to navigate to the content they need quickly, so they don't have to waste valuable time watching content that may not be relevant to them. 

No download

One of the highly hyped features of Adobe Connect is no download times. This allows anyone to easily access the meeting easily, even if they aren't using their own device.

Rearrange room

Event managers to create fully customizable Adobe Connect meeting rooms, using intuitive drag and drop content creation tools and strong design templates. You have the ability to rearrange the room to your liking. 

Breakout rooms

Often times when you're having a company meeting, you will retreat and have a smaller meeting with your department. Adobe Connect breakout rooms can be setup for the different departments to easily get together and have smaller meeting.  

Registration tools

Adobe Connect allows you to invite people to your webinar events and the tool keeps track of them for you. For example, if you invite 58 people it will keep track of every person you emailed and see who signed-up to come and then during the webinar. The tracking tools also provide you with detailed post-event analytics, including attendance, engagement, and much, much more. This great feature can help you find strong new leads for your business.

Free VoIP

For those of you that don't know, Voice over IP (VoIP) is communication that travels exclusively over IP networks. Participants can use their computer microphones and speakers to join a meeting participants without a traditional telephone. Adobe Connect provides high-quality VoIP out of the box with features such as echo and noise cancellation, and silence detection, making your web conferencing calls the best that they can possibly be.

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