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Tips for Adobe Connect Web Conferencing

October 22, 2014

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Adobe ConnectAdobe Connect is the perfect web conferencing solution, whether your doing web meetings, eLearning, or Webinars, they provide top of the line services so that you can have the best possible experience.

Following some of these simple tips will help you properly utilize some key components of the product and answer some of our customers frequently asked questions.

Finding your Adobe Connect phone conferencing number

Your Adobe Connect phone conferencing number is in the upper-right corner of the meeting window. Your phone conferencing number is also in the welcome email you received when you created your account.

Is there a toll-free number I can use for my phone conference?

While Adobe does provide an 800 number within the account, use of this number by meeting participants results in a billable charge.

What is the difference between a host, presenter, and participant?

  • Host: Organizes and facilitates the meeting.
  • Presenter: Assist in facilitating meeting, presenting content, or sharing their screen.
  • Participant: Largely a spectator in the meeting who can chat, respond to polls, and change their status.

During a meeting, you have the ability to change people's roles allowing them more or less access to the tools of that the host has. There are two easy ways to change any participant’s role. Hovering over a participant’s name will bring up a hover menu with several options giving you the ability to choose a role for the individual. Additionally, the attendees pod supports drag and drop functionality. Click and drag users from one role to another.

What is the difference between Universal Voice and advance audio integration?

Universal Voice works with any audio conference service but only supports recordings and audio bridging between microphones and audio conferencing services. Advanced audio integration works with a number of specific audio conferencing platforms and hosted services and provides advanced call control, real-time participant status, audio recording, and more.

Does Adobe Connect for Webinars enable customization and branding of event landing pages and emails?

Yes. Adobe Connect for Webinars enables event managers rapidly create fully customizable, richly branded event landing pages, microsites, email communications, and catalogs, leveraging intuitive drag-and-drop content creation tools and rich design templates in Adobe Connect (powered by built-in Adobe CQ technology).

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