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What Does the Microsoft Acquisition of Metaswitch Mean for Me?

In May 2020, Microsoft agreed to acquire 5G specialist Metaswitch Networks to expand their approach to empower operators and partner with various...

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6 Fantastic Microsoft Teams Meetings Tips

Microsoft Teams has been quite a useful tool that has been used to spur the work from home (WFH) norm since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic....

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5 Work from Home Tips to Empower Team Productivity

Without a few boundaries and rituals, the lines between home and office can blur quickly. Checking email after dinner can quickly turn a quiet...

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Remote Workers: 5 Communication Lessons Learned

If you are growing frustrated with handling communication lessons learned from work from home, we may be able to help. Here are five suggestions for...

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Microsoft Teams Usage Drastically Expands in Education Sector

The coronavirus pandemic has created a massive remote work and learning expansion for Microsoft Teams. During Microsoft’s Q1 2021 earnings call in...

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2021 is The Year to Switch from Legacy Systems to UCaaS

Cloud technology has been around for years but adoption rates are spiking as the business technology climate shifts around the fallout of the...

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A Glimpse at Remote Work in the Future

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) changed in significant ways how we work, play, and live. The shut-downs of this past spring provided a jump-start...

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How to Get GCC High Audio Conferencing via Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

To meet the unique and evolving requirements of the United States Department of Defense, as well as contractors holding or processing DoD controlled...

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