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Skype for Business: A Universal Communication System

May 8, 2015

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Businesses have to communicate to stay in business: whether customers, employees, shareholders or vendors, communicating the right information to the proper person at the best time is essential to running your business systems. With hosted Microsoft Skype for Businesses, your business has the ability to manage universal communication with constituents. Universal communication includes mobile integrations, conference capability, video conferencing and work collaboration.

Mobile Access

The basic part of a universal communication system is the ability to be picked up wherever you or your employees are. With Skype's call-forwarding technology, you can use your business phone system from any other phone number and with cloud-based hosting, you can access your business's communication from any computing device.

Conference Capability

Universal communication capabilities need to include the ability to conference call with multiple people, and Skype for Business gives your organization hosted conference calls with multiple people, live webcasts where individuals can engage you via the message board capabilities of Lync, and simultaneous integrated collaboration tools via Microsoft 365.

Video Conferencing

Skype was a pioneer in the video conferencing technology, and Microsoft has integrated the well-established video conferencing abilities of Skype with the more interactive communication tools in Lync and Microsoft Office. This new platform gives your teams the ability to collaborate face-to-face no matter where they are located.

Collaboration Tools

With full integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft's cloud based services, using Skype for Business for your universal communication needs will give you the ability to collaborate across geographic boundaries. This is essential for doing business well, and communicating to all your constituents.

The collaboration capability of using Skype as a universal business communication method is one of the great benefits of running a modern business. 

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