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Discover Microsoft Skype for Business

August 5, 2013

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Discover next generation unified communication & collaboration. The days of dealing with pixelated, delayed video conferences and web meetings are a thing of the past. Microsoft Skype for Business is an extremely useful tool that is designed with your business in mind. Skype for Business allows users to connect easily and efficiently with customers, clients and co-workers no matter their location!  Whether your client is located in Charleston, Boston, Paris or Beijing, you are always a click away from connecting, and with Skype for Business, it will be as if you are sitting across the table from them.

Skype for Business  Makes Your Work Day Easier

Microsoft Skype for Business  offers many features that are made to make your workday easier.  Skype for Business HD video conferencing and the industry’s top audio conferencing service.   In addition, Skype for Business features full telephony, and also has global audio conferencing capability. This means that you can call international toll-free and international local access to over 100 locations across the globe! Skype for Business  also offers a Quick Skype for Business feature, which is an all-in-one toolbar where you can easily manage, your contacts in one centralized location within the product. It also allows you to quickly start or join a video conference or web meeting with a single click!  It enables the user to manage contacts and organize existing contacts so that you can connect more quickly in the future.

Skype4B delivers multiple features from a single interface

IM & Presence: Communicate by viewing availability status; chat and share files with all your contacts.

Video Conferencing: Collaborate “face-to-face” using the video conferencing feature.

Web Meetings:  Share applications during conferences with multiple participants.

Telephony:   Host conference calls using high quality audio, seamlessly integrated with Skype for Business. 

Skype for Business Mobile Application

Microsoft Skype for Business also offers a mobile client, which allows users to stay connected 24/7, no matter their respective locations.  The mobile application allows users to connect to video conferences or web meetings via mobile devices including the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and iPad.  Users can enjoy all of the features that users have access to on the PC including application sharing, document sharing, screen sharing and VoIP calling.  Skype for Business / Lync also offers a Skype integration, so users can connect to others who only use Skype, with no extra downloads or plugins required.  Microsoft Skype for Business / Lync also offers a new feature called Persistent Chat Rooms.  This enables users to chat with several colleagues and clients at once, easily and efficiently.  It also enables you the ability to edit privacy settings for each individual chat window from open, to secret (can only be seen by invited chat members) and closed (can be seen by anyone, but can only be posted in by members).

Discovering Skype for Business

As you can tell, Skype for Business is loaded with great features that are set to revolutionize your workday and to make your job a lot easier and much more efficient. .

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