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Turning Office 365 into a Phone System

September 9, 2014

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No, this is not a blog announcing a new Microsoft telephony service. 

Despite the software giant’s increased presence in the telecom market in the past few years, Microsoft only offers audio through voice over IP (VoIP) in its unified communications suite, Office 365.  But, there is a way to consolidate your business communications and turn O365 into a complete business phone system.  How, you ask? With Skype for Business, the communication platform included in many O365 licenses.

Leverage the power of Skype for Business

Skype4B is a powerful unified communication and collaboration tool that includes presence, instant messaging, VoIP, desktop sharing, and audio and video conferencing.  This tool offers ALMOST everything you could need for your business communications.  That “almost” manifests itself in the form of old school telephony.

Skype for Business is already a component of O365. 

The key to turning this already powerful software into a complete phone system is adding voice enablement. This turns your Skype4B client and desktop computer into a fully hosted PBX replacement.  By replacing the Skype4B Online component with a voice-enabled Skype for Business package, you can fully integrate your phone system into the rest of your O365 business applications like email and scheduling without sacrificing any of the your legacy telephony’s features like receptionist switchboard features, call routing, and full IVR capabilities.

Is it time for you to upgrade to voice-enabled Skype for Business?

To learn more about how you can leverage your existing Office 365 license to create a truly consolidated business communications solution.  Schedule your demo today!


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