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IP Telephony Innovations

April 3, 2015

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As your office continues to expand and grow--and with your understanding that communication is the cornerstone for any business--you and the rest of your company's managers and executives probably continually look for the most effective hosted communications solutions and innovations. Your telephone system is an obvious starting point.

Even if your company has made an upgrade to its telephone system in the past decade, you might note the myriad of solutions available now--surpassing those made available as recently as the past few years--that will make easy to use business communication tools for everyone in the office, as well as the customers and staff working from home or from other remote locations around the world.

With so many available cloud solutions, hosted voice options, security advantages, Skype for Business capability, and other Microsoft Skype for Business benefits, it makes sense to take a look at all of your company's options. You always want to find the best innovations to add to your company's repertoire, especially if you stand to experience a solid ROI.

Where to Begin Looking for New Innovations: Telephony

  • Easy, Efficient and Inclusive Communication Breeds Customer Confidence and Brand Familiarity. With VoIP networks, telephony and many other cloud solutions, large volumes of data fluidly transmit across a wider reception area. Basically, with telephony and other cloud benefits, you can use the same system for an office in Los Angeles as the one you have for a New York office. All of this makes it easier for customers to see your company as a single organization, working together from around the world, thus helping with global recognition and familiarity.
  • Long Distance Savings. It is just as common for them to eliminate their inter-company long distance calling charges with telephony.

Hosted Cloud  Based Telephone System

With a Cloud Based Telephone System, such as Skype or Business or  hosted PBX services, you can experience all the advantages of using VoIP--and all of its sophisticated services--without investing in expensive equipment. If your company has a limited budget, especially due to a recent communications upgrade, a cloud based solution can help make improvements to your current communications solution as well as improve network services. Your team can make business-related calls from their mobile devices, hotel rooms, or their homes while on the office's phone system.

Hosted Cloud Services

Hosted Cloud services also do not require that you make any large-scale equipment investments to get up and running. However, you have more choices for customization with cloud hosting, which include setting up automatic upgrades and systems patching. Your cloud provider will assign a team to take care of your business communication needs, so you will not need to worry about an on-site systems administrator for these tasks.

Once you sign on for your cloud services, your maintenance, upgrade, licensing and security costs fall under one umbrella. You can sign up for a standard monthly costs, which includes all the services you need, making it easy to keep tabs on the price tag, up front and throughout the duration of your contract.

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