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Skype for Business: Your Key to Expanding Into International Markets

July 6, 2016

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Skype for BusinessAs more businesses begin to expand their scope into international markets, company executives must find creative, cost-effective ways for executives and account executives to connect with customers overseas. Skype for Business is the perfect solution for international travelers who need to engage with clients overseas. Below are six key advantages of using Skype to communicate with your international customers:

  • Affordability: Skype is economical for both domestic and international businesses
  • Popularity: Skype occupies the largest share of the international voice market
  • User-Friendly: Skype is easy to install and learn
  • Utility: Skype's video chat feature is effective when geography prevents face to face meetings
  • Efficient: By reducing the need for face-to-face meetings, Skype reduces travel costs, allowing companies to focus on increasing new business 
  • Cost:  Significantly reduce international mobile usage charges by using Skype mobile client.   With a Wi-Fi connection, Skype to Skype calls are no additional charge.  

While each of these advantages is important, the utility of Skype's video chat feature helps it to stand out as an effective tool for companies seeking to grow their international business.

Skype Video Chat: The Key to Building Trust and Overcoming Challenges

Many people do not realize how useful Skype's video chat feature is to international account executives. Whether your business offers a product or the delivery of a service, Skype's video chat can help your company establish itself as a legitimate force in the international marketplace. Below are three ways that Skype's video chat feature can accomplish this:

  • Overseas clients can watch by video as account executives perform product demonstrations
  • Service providers can use video chat to demonstrate troubleshooting techniques to overseas counterparts
  • Video chat allows overseas clients to put a face with the name of their account executive

These three features combine to help increase levels of trust and loyalty among international clients. Ready to learn more about the many ways that Skype4B can help boost your international business. Schedule your demo today!

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