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Microsoft Skype for Business and the Benefits That Come with It

August 18, 2016

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Microsoft Skype for BusinessSo you've probably heard of Skype, but did you know that there is a version of the software that's meant specifically for business? It's called Skype for Business, and it's solved a lot of problems for a lot of companies. While the original Skype is free, Skype for Business is not, but it comes with a number of features that aren't included in the free version. Here are a few.

 Interface with Office 365

First of all, Native Skype for Business can be connected to your Microsoft Office 365 software in numerous ways. This feature is especially beneficial in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook, because the connection allows you to import contacts, automate your availability status, and solves a number of other communication challenges.

Large scale conferencing

The free version of Skype allows family and friends to include as many as 25 people in a call, and in most personal applications, this is plenty. However, the needs of a business are much more demanding. CallTower's Microsoft Skype for Business allows as many as 250 people to join in on a call. This means, of course, that you won't have problems with large-scale meetings, but it also makes presentations and webinars a breeze.


One of the greatest features that come with Skype for Business is the ability for participants in a call to interact through more than just voice and video. They can share documents, work together on a whiteboard, or even show their screen to everyone else. Skype for Business allows callers to do pretty much anything they could do in an in-person meeting, and even a few things they couldn't.

Video Room Integration 

Skype for Business continues to expand outside the client, mobile, and web application.  One area of expansion is the Skype video conferencing rooms and integration of Skype with additional video conferencing solutions.  

Only Available with CallTower

Certain features are available with Microsoft's online version of Skype for Business as well as CallTower's hosted Skype for Business.  However, CallTower has developed additional solutions and applications to meet the challenges of business clients that are not included in the online version.  

These include: 

  • Contact Center Solution 
  • Salesforce.com Integration 
  • Hunt Groups / Response Groups 
  • Advanced Call Recording 
  • Device Management

Additional Benefits

  • Cloud based application that are updated on a regular basis at no cost to the end user
  • Monthly, flexible subscription services 
  • Customized calling plans and features 
  • Dedicated implementation management and support for Office 365, Skype For Business, and Cloud PBX

Interested in learning more about what Skype for Business can do for you and your business?  

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