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How Skype for Business and Mobile Devices Play Nice Together

August 23, 2016

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Hero_SFB_multi-device-image_645x346.pngIn the workplace, there are plenty of tools and devices that can help make your business more efficient.

Whether you're using social media to interact with your customers, or the newest app to manage your sale(s) goal, these are great for driving your company forward.

The business world is always changing, and it's important you use the necessary equipment to succeed in your company's plan. Not to mention these tools are necessary for competing with other businesses as well.  The challenge that arises is the use of too many tools that are not natively designed to work with each other.  Suddenly, the tools that were implemented to make your life easier and increase your performance are becoming a second job.  

We all have a very personal relationship with our mobile device with apps that are installed to provide you with information, keep you connected with friends and family, entertain you, and the list goes on and on.   With theSkype for Business mobile app from Microsoft available on IoS and Android, you can now take your desktop Skype for Business experience anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  When combined with Cloud PBX calling plans or CallTower S4B Enterprise voice, the mobile app now becomes your office phone, IM, presence, and collaboration tool.   Make and receive calls to your office number wherever you are.  

 Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:  You are on a marathon conference call.  The call is now going into evening hours and you need to move the call from your office phone to your mobile phone.  However, you don't want to interrupt the call to dial-in as a new attendee from your mobile phone.  Any hands in the air??  Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice allows you to seamlessly move a call from your desktop Skype application or headset to your cell phone without the other participants knowing that anything has changed.  Now you can make your evening dinner meeting.  

In addition to phone calls, the mobile client provides a full web conferencing experience.  Now you are able to view the sales slide deck or finance excel file that is being shared even when you are on the road.   You're always traveling so obviously you're going to need a way to stay in touch with your customers and co-workers.  

Even when you're on the road, you're not limited in your business interactions, or even the office hours. You can check your emails, call up your customers, and complete tasks via the mobile device. In a way, the mobility allows you to take the business wherever you go. 

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