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On the Go with Adobe Mobile Conferencing

September 3, 2013

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Easy to use conferencing and collaboration is now available for the Adobe Connect conferencing platform.  Adobe Connect enables you to significantly improve collaboration. You can use Adobe Connect for a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing to mission-critical, real-time collaboration. Adobe Connect allows your teams to work more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity helping you to reduce costs.

Adobe Makes Communication and Collaboration Easier

Today’s business world is one in which businesses and organizations must have clear, consistent communications channels and they must promote collaboration both internally and externally.  It is absolutely vital that organizations stay connected as many businesses utilize virtual offices across the globe.  With Adobe Connect, users can connect with clients, customers and co-workers at the drop of a hat.  Adobe Connect provides users a tool filled with feature rich content that is designed to streamline your daily communication and collaboration needs, and to make your workday easier.  Improve overall collaboration and communication both internally and externally with Adobe Connect.

Adobe Mobile Conferencing

Adobe Connect has introduced a new product that further enhances their already industry leading product line.  Adobe Connect has released a mobile application that is compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry and Android Devices as well as tablets including the iPad!  This mobile client now allows Adobe Connect users to remain connected whether you are in the office, at home or on the road.  As long as you have a reliable internet, with a 3G or 4G connection you can communicate with customers and clients whether they are located in Charleston, Boston or Shanghai!  Adobe Connects mobile application is filled with the same features and tools that the PC client has, which means that there will be little no to difference when connecting via home or office computer or via cell phone or tablet!  Enjoy 1080p High Definition video and high quality audio during your web meetings and video conferences, and it will be as if you are attending a meeting face to face.

Connect Mobile

Adobe Connect is Feature Rich

Adobe Connect's updated mobile client, Adobe Connect Mobile, is filled with tools and features designed to improve communication and collaboration within your organization. With the Adobe Connect Mobile client users can share documents and files from your own computer as well as store documents in the Adobe cloud.  Users can also view documents within the cloud and view documents shared by their fellow web meeting participants.  Users also enjoy 1080p High Definition video and crisp, high quality audio on your mobile device or tablet.  In addition to these features, users also have access to the interactive whiteboard, where you can draw and write important information in real time while collaborating with team members or clients.  Adobe Connect Mobile also features improvements to the e-learning and training session features, enabling the host of the video conference or web meeting to upload interactive questions in real time and monitor progress and results from these questions in real time.  This enables the host of the web meeting to improve participation throughout your video conferences, e-learning exercises, webinars or training sessions. No matter what you use Adobe Connect for; it can make your meetings more efficient and user friendly.

Adobe Connect Mobile Gives You the Advantage

In all, Adobe mobile conferencing aids the user in staying connected at all times.  To have the ability to connect with users across the globe, gives you the advantage over competitors. With instant connectivity (no excess downloads or loading speeds) your web meetings, video and audio conferences run smoothly, with no technological glitches or hiccups.  Adobe mobile apps are certain to make your workday easier, and improve your organization’s bottom line by saving you both time and money. 

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