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Zoom eLearning has positive impacts on the manufacturing industry

February 18, 2013

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eLearning and Zoom Video Communicator

How they can work together to save your business time and money?

The manufacturing industry relies on the ability to connect and communicate with suppliers, customers and clients quickly and efficiently. Manufacturing organizations have grown exponentially in the past decade, and many of these businesses and organizations have expanded both domestically and internationally, and many important clients and suppliers are now spread across the globe. With this large growth, now it is more important than ever to have easy access to clear communication channels to meet your organization’s needs.

As your organization grows, inevitably you will be required to bring in more employees.  They will need training to learn the skills to contribute to your organization and to meet the high standards of quality that your organization requires from its employees.  Zoom Video Communicator allows you to remotely train new employees no matter their respective locations.  This process effectively eliminates excess costs required to pay for travel for newly hired employees.

Zoom E-Learning benefits

You will be able to provide your new employees and clients with live presentations or even pre-recorded videos.  E-Learning helps to save your business time and money by making once difficult and time consuming tasks easy, cheap and efficient.  E-Learning will promote constant collaboration within members of your organization which helps to keep your employees and clients on the same page.

Zoom Video has helped to save companies money while promoting connected collaboration within them.  Here are some statistics on the benefits that Zoom can provide to organizations:

  • 56% of high performance organizations use Zoom
  • 36% of a company’s performance can be attributed to collaboration
  • 29% positive impact on an organization’s growth

Zoom products and services have helped businesses cut excess costs while making communication within their organizations much easier and much more efficient. Businesses in the manufacturing industry must be able to communicate with customers, suppliers, clients and employees at a moments notice.  With Zoom you will be one click away from hosting and attending meetings with customers and clients around the globe.

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