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Customize Your Adobe Connect Meeting Room

August 12, 2013

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adobe-connect-bwAdobe Connect enables you to significantly improve collaboration, both inside and outside your organization’s firewalls. You can useAdobe Connect for a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing, all the way to mission-critical, real-time collaboration. Adobe Connect allows your teams to work more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity helping you to reduce costs. 

Easy to use web conferencing tool

Adobe Connect is designed to be an easy to use web conferencing and collaboration platform. It was made for users to have the ability to easily edit and customize their Adobe Connect web meeting room.  Users can personalize their individual Adobe Connect products to meet their needs and specifications based on what type of online meeting or video conference they are hosting.  Being able to customize your meeting room provides you with a significant advantage over your competitors, and it results in a greater reach for your brand while providing a more personal environment for your customers and clients.  You are in total control of what your meeting participants see and how they interact within your Adobe Connect room.  This web conferencing tool allows you to customize down to the smallest details, making the difference between landing a deal and losing it.

Adobe Connect Web Meeting Room Customizing Options

Adobe Connect offers users the ability to edit and customize countless aspects of your web meeting room.  These include the login page, pod colors, online meeting room background colors and/or images, and the size and feel of the meeting room itself.  Having the ability to edit and customize these features ensures that when your web meeting or video conferencing attendees know that they have come to the right place, and it also gives them a unique way to identify with your company instead of viewing your company’s logo in black and white and connecting to a plain, corporate meeting room.  Customers and clients will in turn feel a deeper connection with your organization.  

Customized Adobe Room

Edit Feature Guidelines

Below are some guidelines as to how you can quickly and easily edit several features within the Adobe Connect meeting room.

To edit your company or meeting logo be sure to have the image file saved as (JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP).  If you have a logo that is animated, simply save it as a GIF file and the logo will also be animated within the meeting room!  Also be sure that your file is saved as one of these three dimensions so that it fits within the meeting room.  (360x50, 410x310, 50x20)

Adobe Connect also gives you the ability to brand your account.  First you login to your Adobe Connect account, and then select Administration > Customization.  After selecting customization, select customize login and click Background. Now you can choose a colored background and select any color you would like from the available color palette.  Using these same steps you can also choose a title bar color.

To use a personal image as your web meeting background, create an image that is letter sized and in landscape format with your logo in the center of the page.  Save this file in the JPG format and then click Administration > Shared Content.  Choose your logo file, select new content, give the background image a title and click save.  Then, within your meeting room click Room Performance and Appearance > Room Background > Select Room Background and then in the Browse Content dialog box select the background image that you saved.

To save time, upload your blank PowerPoint slide with your logo pasted into a Share Pod. Then, expand the Share Pod to completely fill the background and layer the other pods on top of it to create the impression that it is a customized branded background.

Adobe Connect makes an Impression

Adobe Connect is not only a valuable communications and collaborations tool, it is a product that offers unparalleled customization and editing opportunities designed to help your business and organization stand out from the crowd and to make a lasting impression on customers and clients whether they are in an office across town, or across the globe.  This will result in improved sales, strengthened relationships and a better bottom line for your business.

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