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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Video Conferencing

December 7, 2017

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Video ConferencingVideo conferencing can have a major impact on your business operations and your business communication strategy. Aside from improving existing communication structures, opening new communication paths and streamlining access, conferencing has a bevy of other benefits. It's essential to make sure your business gets the most out of conferencing and its functionality. Here are some of the best uses and tips we know of to help you on the right path: 

Employee Training

Employee training can be costly, which is one of the reasons some businesses avoid it altogether. Video conferencing is one of the best ways to keep the costs down so all of your employees can get adequate training. This Telegraph article explains how the Business Fraud Prevention Partnership has managed to use video conferencing to reduce costs and give employees more flexibility: 

“[For our clients] mobile training can reduce traditional training costs and free up employee time. People can complete their training around their work schedule using any device. It's all about flexibility.”

Conferencing not only keeps the costs of employee training down, but also gives employees more flexibility. 

Additional Attendance Options

If attendance for your meetings is low, then you can give employees the option of conferencing in order to join from a remote location. This is particularly useful for mobile employees who physically can't attend your meetings. By giving employees this extra option, you'll increase the attendance of your upcoming meetings. 

Job Interviews 

Job interviews are another example of how conferencing can help reduce costs. Recruiting can be one of the costliest tasks companies face; recruitment fees, time spend flipping through resumes and sometimes even travel expense can really add up. Finding the right employees is essential, so you typically don't want to skimp in this respect. But conferencing allows you to hold productive conversations online so you can still get to know each job candidate. In fact, by reducing the costs, this will allow you to meet with more candidates so you can find the best employees. 

Maximize Your Audio Quality

And finally, the last tip we'll offer is to make sure your audio is crisp and clear. Some businesses only focus on video quality and leave audio to the back burner. But when the audio doesn't sound right, the conference doesn't have a professional feel to it. Accoridng to IT Pro, you can use certain VC room products to improve the audio quality in your room: 

"Professional VC room products have this covered, as their speakerphone bases incorporate multiple directional microphones and big speakers to pump the sound out. And if the volume is too soft or loud, you don't want to be fiddling with your app to change it - so choose those with touch buttons on their surface for easy access to volume levels plus options to mute the mics."  

It shouldn't take much to get a reasonable call quality. Just don't use your laptop or phone microphone. Those might suffice for personal conversations, but they're not enough for business conferences where dozens of people are participating. 

Video conferencing is a great thing, if you take full advantage of it. We recommend using it for employee training, job interviews, and regular meetings.

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