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Comparing CRITICAL UCaaS integration Solutions: MS Teams v. Webex

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For businesses looking to implement a new collaboration tool, it can often feel like a clash between two titans: Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Understanding the differences between Webex and Teams is crucial in deciding which one is the best for your unique requirements. Whether you’re a local business or a global conglomerate, communication is essential for all your day-to-day operations. 


 Which Solution is best for you? 

To help you navigate through determining exactly which one IS best, CallTower offers our one-of-a-kind MSFT Teams VS Webex Round 2 - The Ultimate UC/Collab Solution Showdown, where the two Unified Communications solutions face-off in this webinar, breaking down the differences between these best-in-breed UC solutions. 

Through this action-packed webinar, you’ll likely uncover which solution provides the best connectivity, calling and collaboration tools that work best for you and your client’s needs. Both contenders have robust and empowering options for growing organizations worldwide, so this comparison webinar will be a clash of the titans! 


 Contact center Integration solutions

With a focus on critical integrations like productivity tools, networks solutions and emergency alert systems, our experts will uncover the benefits of a number of available Contact Center Solution offerings including;  

  • Five9 Contact Center for Teams  
  • Webex Contact Center for Webex  
  • CT Cloud Contact Center for Teams and Webex  

Microsoft Teams 

Globally, CallTower is one of few organizations certified to provide voice with Microsoft Teams. CallTower has been voice-enabling Microsoft solutions for years and as a Microsoft Gold Partner providing cloud voice solutions, our monitoring and management services ensure the highest quality user experience. 


Cisco Webex

Additionally, CallTower’s Cisco solutions provide the ultimate global unified communications capability for all businesses. As Cisco voice moves to the cloud, CallTower is ready with flexible, scalable and simplified migration and adoption solutions. These offerings are easy–to–use business communication technology tools that support mobility, messaging, conferencing and presence management. 



No matter which solution your organization chooses (or both) - You can trust CallTower to deliver the world’s most advanced unified communications, contact center and collaboration solutions. To learn more about what integrations work best for your organizational needs, click on the 'Let's Connect' image below for a free CallTower consultation 



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