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What to Expect From Microsoft Office 365 In 2021

The head of design at Microsoft presented the company's vision for Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. It tries to help users remain focused when...

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Session Border Controller: On-Prem or Cloud?

If you’re looking to increase efficiency and cut costs, you have to make the most of your IT administrative team. You don’t want a well-trained group...

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Having Fun with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become a major tool during the recent coronavirus pandemic as many companies made the adjustment to have their employees work...

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Microsoft Teams and the ROI of Collaboration

The shared workspace that combines several of the communication and collaboration solutions within Microsoft 365 is known as Microsoft Teams....

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6 New Microsoft Teams Updates Coming in 2020

One of the fastest growing collaboration products in the world is Microsoft Teams. Today businesses and organizations are using Microsoft Teams for...

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Two Big Recent Updates from Microsoft Teams

Now that nearly half of all American workers are working from home, everyone is looking for new and better ways to stay in touch, and many offices...

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What does Microsoft's Metaswitch Purchase Mean for the Telecom Industry?

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. While most people know Microsoft for their computers and office programs, Microsoft...

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What is GCC High?

Collaborative Article from Agile IT and CallTower

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