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The Future is Here: Microsoft Teams Reaches New Heights

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Imagine a world where 320 million people organize their schedules around a single platform. This is the reality for Microsoft Teams in 2024, as it achieves a remarkable milestone, further establishing itself as a pioneer in the collaboration tool market.

Revolutionizing Communication with Operator Connect

With the market trends revealing a surge in the adoption of Teams Calling and a marked increase in active users, Teams has established itself as a go-to for remote workers in search of an accessible, efficient communication platform. To further its offerings, Microsoft's Certified Partner, CallTower, has introduced Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams empowering administrators to effortlessly connect calling services while managing the voice network and infrastructure.

Teams is not just for the everyday user. For those dealing with sensitive information, CallTower delivers a dedicated M365 cloud through their GCC High solutions. This, coupled with the advent of Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered feature, marks an era of increased productivity and creative prowess across various Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Teams Premium spearheads the upgrades in meeting features, promising enhancements including branding, personalized insights, and live translations. But the reach extends far beyond just these features. CallTower's global Microsoft Teams solution spans over 70 countries and 6000 cities, offering high-quality calling services to anyone, anywhere.

Seamless Contact and Teams Integrations

With Contact Center Integrations and Microsoft Teams Integrations, users can effortlessly connect with contacts, and swiftly send and receive SMS and MMS messages. CallTower's competitive edge lies in its all-in-one portal, single bill system, and ability to deliver integrated solutions from Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, and Zoom.


CallTower's commitment to empowering businesses has been acknowledged and rewarded with recognition for its growth potential, customer value, and competitive intensity in the UCaaS and Cloud-Connected Calling market. As we look to 2024, CallTower stands as a proven provider with a broad customer base, ready to transform the communication landscape with innovative solutions. Microsoft Teams is not just an application - it's a veritable powerhouse of collaboration and connectivity; a testament to the future of work. Connect with CallTower to Join the revolution today!


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