Webex has been deemed a state-of-the-art video conferencing and collaboration tool, known for efficiently adding new features to its app to improve the user experience and make remote collaboration easier. The Webex App brings teams immersive, inclusive, and engaging experiences that are accessible to everyone. Users can meet, message, and call, all in a single app, which keeps work simple and managing the Webex App even easier.

Empower your users with the ability to collaborate their way with the Webex App. Here, we will highlight some of the new features of the Webex application that have been released in recent updates.


Move your meetings to a new device without disruption

Seamlessly move a meeting from one desktop or mobile device to another without disrupting or disconnecting from the meeting. For example, if you commute to work and join a meeting on your mobile device, move the meeting to your laptop when you get to the office without providing a distraction to the meeting. Or, if you need to step away from your computer during a meeting, you can easily switch your meeting to your mobile device.

More meeting controls available when sharing content

Users can now record the meeting, open the participants' panel, and lock the meeting directly from the floating window that appears when you share content during a meeting.

Make calls during a meeting

Be in two places at once and make important calls without leaving a meeting. Pause your audio and video in the meeting and then make the call. The meeting continues even though your meeting audio and video are paused. When you're finished with your call, easily go back to the meeting without having to rejoin.

Integration with other tools

Webex has the ability to integrate with other tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Workspace, making it easy to collaborate across different platforms.

One tap to join a meeting option

For iPad, iPad, and Android users, when joining a meeting as an attendee, you’ll see a new dial-in option One Tap to Join. Meeting information is automatically entered and you’re joined directly to your meeting.

Remove background noise on the remote end of a phone call

If a user is on a phone call with someone who's not using Webex App and they're in a location such as a busy airport or cafe, you can suppress the remote noise during your call on your end.

Webex continues to add new and innovative features to its application to enhance the user experience and make remote collaboration easier. With frequently updated meeting, calling, and messaging options at your disposal, Webex has become an even more valuable tool for virtual meetings and collaborations. Let's connect to learn more about how CallTower can make the all-new Webex app work for you. 



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