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Streamlining Visitor Management: A Deep Dive into Visitor Aware

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Streamlining Visitor Management: A Deep Dive into Visitor Aware

Dive into the world of Visitor Aware, where the future of visitor management takes shape. In today's fast-paced world, managing visitors and students in an organization can be a complex task. Despite this complexity, Singlewire's Visitor Aware provides the tools to screen visitors so your organization can identify threats before they gain access to sensitive areas and provide peace of mind with comprehensive tools that verify guests and volunteers, account for your people during a crisis, and assist with reunification when critical events have ended. Using technology that you already own, you can create a secure environment that makes it evident from the moment someone enters your buildings that safety is a top priority.

Ensuring safety, tracking attendance, and maintaining records are just a few of the challenges faced by institutions and this is where Visitor Aware student management solutions come into play, providing an efficient and seamless way to manage visitor and student traffic. And when paired with CallTower's communication solutions, you get a comprehensive system that takes care of all your needs.

Discover Visitor Aware

The Visitor Aware unique platform offers an impressive array of features designed to streamline, secure, and enhance your visitor experience. From robust tracking capabilities to advanced security protocols, we’ll unravel the myriad offerings that Visitor Aware brings to the table.

Visitor Management

  • Visitor Check-in and Check-out - Scan guests’ IDs to screen every visitor that comes through your doors with encrypted facial recognition.
  • Volunteer Management - Use custom volunteer applications to quickly collect information and approve individuals. Run criminal background checks on volunteers through our software or a third-party vendor. Once approved, volunteers can sign in and automatically record their hours.
  • Visitor Verification - Immediately validate visitors and volunteers against national sex offender and government watchlists and active legal injunctions. Maintain a list of banned visitors who should be flagged when trying to check in to prevent known offenders from gaining access.
  • Student Tardy - Track student tardiness and replace pen and paper records with a digital solution. Record student tardies, print passes, and create easy ways to track tardiness.
  • Secure Student Release - Quickly identify visitors who may pose a threat and/or individuals not approved for student pick-up. Release students only when visitors have completed the screening process and are confirmed as authorized guardians.


Student Management

  • Rostering and Reunification - Account for students during a crisis and streamline family reunification after any incident while increasing security measures and documenting every step.
  • Secure Carpool Line Student Pick-up - Streamline your carpool line pickup process while keeping students safe in the building by enabling pick-up coordinators to validate guardian relationships in real time as cars line up.
  • Tip Line - Submit school security tips to quickly inform school resource officers, staff, or school administration of situations that may impact student and staff safety. School safety tips can be submitted with contact information or remain completely anonymous.

The Visitor-Aware Difference

Visitor Aware is a leading provider of visitor and student management solutions. The platform offers a range of features designed to streamline the process of managing visitors and students within an institution. With safety being a top priority for most organizations, we’ll share what sets Visitor Aware apart in the realm of visitor management solutions.

  • Encrypted facial recognition - results in fewer false positives.
  • No proprietary hardware - means you save money by using tools you already own.
  • District-wide insights - eliminates the need for parents and guardians to check in multiple times on the same day.
  • Preregistration links – save time and hassle.
  • Mass Notification and incident management compatibility - with our informast software

Visitor Aware's visitor and student management solutions, when combined with CallTower's communication technology, can provide a comprehensive, efficient, and secure system for managing visitors and students in any institution. Whether it's ensuring a smooth visitor registration process, keeping track of student attendance, or maintaining secure records, these integrated solutions can handle it all, leaving institutions free to focus on their core responsibilities. If your organization is looking to elevate your security, Let's connect and delve into how CallTower can bolster the safety shield of your organization.



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