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Why Office 365 is Good for Small & Large Businesses

March 22, 2016

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There are many subscription plans for office software, email hosting, and collaboration tools you can use for your business, and Office 365 is one of the best. In addition to having several great features, such as Skype for Business chatting / instant messaging and the ability to edit PDF files, there are many other tools included with Office 365 that deliver valuable benefits to businesses both large and small. For example, if you own a large business with dozens of employees, Skype would be one of the most efficient ways to collaborate. Not only would it allow you to interact with many at the same time, but there wouldn't even be the need to arrange a face-to-face meeting. If you own a small business, on the other hand, what are some ways Office 365 can be used to your advantage?

Since small businesses often lack the money and resources that larger corporations do, Office 365 is very beneficial. It allows you to purchase a subscription plan that fits your needs, without having to buy any unneeded accessories or exceeding the cost of your current goals. After all, don't forget that while larger businesses use Office 365 as well, it's on a different scale. Not only can they afford to do more with it, but it's easier for them to purchase the more expensive subscriptions. With the online subscription model, managing your Office 365 licenses has never been easier.  Your administrator can now log-in to the Office 365 portal to view all assigned and available licenses. Office 365 is great because it's adaptable to the size and scope of any business.

Organizations of all sizes have limited resources at their disposal, tasks that need to be accomplished at a faster pace, and work that normally extends beyond the four walls of the office.  Office 365 allows you to work from any place with an internet connection, including mobile devices. In today's tech savvy era, being able to accomplish your tasks from anywhere is important, and Office 365 allows small and large businesses to finish their work conveniently yet efficiently, without feeling pressed for time.  

In addition to Microsoft Office online and local install, Office 365 delivers a suite of services that will empower businesses of all sizes to do more with less, work smarter, and become more collaborative.  Yammer drives corporate and team interaction.  SharePoint Online will take a business process as simple as shared document storage and wrap security, version control, and workflows around it.  With the trend toward bring your own device mobile policy, businesses in search of a management solution for devices can rely on Office 365 mobile device management to keep content and information secure.   

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