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3 Reasons to Switch to Microsoft Teams

November 2, 2018

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adult-american-beautiful-1059112If you’re an existing Skype for Business user or planning to be, Microsoft Teams might be the perfect tool for you. Here are three reasons why switching to Teams could be a beneficial decision for you and your business:


1. Low Maintenance

Unlike Skype for Business Server Edition, Microsoft Teams doesn’t require customers to purchase software up front. With an on-premise server, users must configure and install it themselves on their IT network. This type of software needs to be maintained, and can lead to higher capital expenditures for a business. Microsoft Teams uses an online server, meaning it is a cloud-based application. A cloud system allows you to upgrade simply by placing an order. You won't have to maintain your own equipment other than the phones themselves and the hosting provider will take care of keeping its software up-to-date and secure. 

2. More cost effective for smaller businesses

Smaller companies can benefit from switching to Microsoft Teams. With an on-premise server, a business purchases the software for a set price, regardless of how many employees are using the system. With Microsoft Teams, small businesses can access enterprise-class voice, chat and collaboration tools for just a few dollars per user per month. Because this cost is dependent on the number of users, a company with less employees could be paying exponentially less for Microsoft Teams than they would be for an on-premise server alternative. If you and your small business are current customers of Office 365 looking to improve your ROI, Microsoft Teams could be the way to go.

3. Unbeatable simplicity

Microsoft Teams has integrated access to the entire Office 365 suite, offering simple yet intelligent integrated communications. The interface is user-friendly and incorporates tools and tricks to aid collaboration and cohesion. Teams connects seamlessly to SharePoint and OneNote tools, and provides persistent and searchable threaded chat and content that is easy to follow and reference. Teams is a robust, customizable collaboration hub that delivers intelligent communications, all in one location. 

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