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6 Crucial Benefits of Unified Communication

October 25, 2018

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blurred-background-close-up-coffee-cup-908284There are many ways for your team to communicate, organize and collaborate through video chat, email, instant messaging and many others. Unified Communication (UC) streamlines all of these solutions into a single interface so that all these functions can be integrated more effectively. Coworkers can hold meetings via video conferencing, share files on cloud platforms and work on documents and whiteboards simultaneously.

All of these tasks can be done both inside and outside the office, which reduces office space costs and makes scheduling much more efficient. UC brings all these tools together into a single, user-friendly interface. This technology can extend the abilities of your team to collaborate and give them greater ability to work remotely through mobile devices. This not only increases schedule flexibility, but team members can access the work platform and collaborate with coworkers at any time of day or night. This means your business operations never have any downtime.

There are many benefits that your company will gain from UC that will transform your business culture and allow for rapid growth:

  • Streamline business processes - Businesses have to handle a wide variety of tasks, including meetings, sharing data, tracking employee performance and providing feedback. You probably have software for each of these functions, but having all of them integrated into a single platform will create more efficiency and allow things to get done faster.
  • Greater mobility - There is a growing trend these days for team members to work from home or connect from various locations while on the move. With mobile devices being so prevalent today, your team is available at any time of day or night and from any place in the world. This results in a business that can remain operational 24 hours per day and collaborate at a moment's notice without the need to come together in one place.
  • Better culture - Bring your own device culture is very important to the new generation of potential new hires, so unified communication makes your company more attractive to valuable talent. Also, a streamlined workflow system makes a better impression on clients and investors.
  • Improved collaboration - When operations, strategy and production all coalesce with advanced tools, collaboration can happen on a larger scale and your company will be more agile in response to changes in the market.
  • Improved security - When all your technologies are handled by one interface, it creates fewer opportunities for security mishaps to occur. With numerous apps that your company uses to send and receive data, there is a slightly increased risk of security holes that could be exploited. When they're all bundled together in a single platform, it creates a more secure environment.
  • Lower costs - Unified communications platforms bundle several tools together and offer more competitive pricing than you would get if you paid for these services à la carte, which becomes even more important when your company needs to scale up operations.

With all these benefits, it becomes clear how important it is to take advantage of unified communications. It provides a better culture for your workforce, provides greater agility and allows your company to scale up more quickly when opportunities arise.

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