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Why You Need to Combine Your UCaaS Solution with CCaaS

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pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-5453837Organizational communication isn’t always dictated by voice and email - and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions don’t have to be clunky on-premise environments. We’re approaching a future where communication tools are inherently more flexible and more connected than ever before. As lines between components of the communication solutions continue to blur, one of the most significant evolutions comes in the intersection of UCaaS and CCaaS. With both internal communications (UC) environment, external (CC) solutions in the cloud, companies can create a more efficient and productive back-end environment.

But what makes the link between UCaaS and CCaaS so valuable?

Benefits of Combining UC & CC

The Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution is the software environment companies use to combine their internal communication applications and strengthen back-end productivity. These environments provide access to everything from messaging, video conferencing, phone calls and emails.

The CCaaS landscape looks at the other side of the communication coin, supporting the conversations that businesses have with their customers. Today, these conversations are growing more complex, embracing things like video and messaging. However, voice is still an essential consideration.

By combining the CCaaS and UCaaS environment, businesses can step into the future of communication strategies. This is an environment where business leaders and IT professionals can monitor and manage all communications in the same space. Through the cloud, companies also have access to massive flexibility for growth opportunities.

You can add new numbers and functionality to your contact center in a matter of seconds with an effective admin portal, infuse your UC & CC environment with analytical intelligence, and implement advanced reporting tools, all without any new hardware investments.

Strengthening Your Strategy

Already, many companies have already begun to make the transition into the cloud. Taking the next step with implementing the contact center in this flexible environment, pushes businesses into a world full of endless opportunities. Combining UCaaS and CCaaS delivers benefits like:

  • Enhanced data access: View the entire customer journey, as well as all business processes in the same unified environment. This leads to better decision making, more informed employees, and enhanced analytics on a significant scale
  • Improved collaboration: Contact center agents can communicate with specialists and internal departments rapidly through a connected environment. This helps with solving customer problems quickly and unlocking new sales opportunities or fixes for customers
  • Quick transformations: In the cloud, companies can access new innovations for both the UC and CC environment at an incredible pace. Implementing tools like artificial intelligence and automation is easier than ever
  • Improved customer experiences: When agents can work more effectively together, customers benefit. There’s less need for clients to repeat themselves to different staff members because agents have a full view over the customer journey
  • Reduced costs: Bringing both UCaaS and CCaaS into the cloud means that there’s less expense to worry about with maintaining and developing the tech stack. Plus, you have fewer bills to consider

Combining UCaaS and CCaaS is the ultimate way for companies to connect the full communication stack, from end to end. The results aren’t just positive for business leaders, but agents, IT leaders, and customers too. To learn more about the impact the combined power of UCaaS and CCaaS can have on your organization, click below to get a free CCaaS consultation with CT Cloud Contact Center: 



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