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What is CallTower?

August 23, 2013

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A Tower is a tall, narrow, freestanding building. We typically think of skyscrapers as towers that are generally anchored in the best real-estate within most cities. These towers are built by stacking floors vertically while integrating services like power, water and elevators along the way. In our building, we are one of several businesses within this multi-tenant structure.

No Maintenance - Cost Effective – Universal Secure Access

We love the building we are in. There is no maintenance (although you will often catch me retrieving fallen Doritos off the floor around my desk) and we enjoy the benefits of great space without the need to finance our own building that translates to a substantial cost savings. The building is also available at any time as long as we have the security credentials to access it and when we grow we simply expand our lease. There is a nationally known mortgage company, an advertising firm, a distribution company and a property management firm. Sharing space with other tenants is efficient and cost effective. We enjoy the security our space provides and the convenience of having services close. The other day, I needed to get a notarized signature on a few documents. I walked across the hall and asked someone at the bank to help me accomplish this. This saved me time. Our building is located within an office park where many restaurants, a gym and a hotel are located all within walking distance. Everything for employees is accessible within minutes that makes for a great work life and a fun place to work.

We Exist to Connect People

Our company named CallTower and the services we provide worldwide are actually quite fitting. CallTower delivers integrated communication solutions to organizations utilizing best of breed technologies. We do this in a secure, cost effective and simple manner with access anywhere you are connected. How is this possible? Like a Tower, we hire talented engineers who design and build Class A services and deliver them in a Multi-Tenant environment with a world class team of support personnel who ensure we deliver these services efficiently, accurately and support the product 24x7x365. Services can be added, administered and removed on demand. Hire a new employee and need a phone setup? Simply log into calltower:connect and use the wizard to add a user. Plug in the handset and your employee is ready to go.

Additional Services On Demand

Just like I walked across the hall to get my signature notarized, a CallTower customer can access other services on demand. Email, faxing, CRM and many others are all products within our portfolio – our Tower of products.

Now you know the future of your fast paced business – it is leveraging services, on demand, as needed from a reliable provider with world-class support.