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Your workforce is your number one asset.  Securing business communication technologies that encourage pro-active collaboration is a competitive necessity.  Let's take a thorough look at what your workforce looks like.  


1.  WHERE IS YOUR WORKFORCE LOCATED?  With the evolution of collaboration and unified communications; organizations are rapidly changing to meet the demands of a larger business footprint.  While some company's are located in one facility, others have international, regional, remote and home offices, as well as field employees; all with unique communication needs.  

When considering all of the factors surrounding where your people are located, you also need to align with business growth objectives. Where are you planning on going, and how fast will your workforce grow?

2.  WHAT ARE YOUR WORKFORCE COMMUNICATION NEEDS?  Your business has its own DNA, its own unique culture, and communications are a core element your business personality.  The circumstances that surround your workforce communication needs are a direct reflection of what your business does.  Keep in mind that different operating teams within your organization may require diverse and unified business communication tools.  While an executive may need one set of tools, production and engineering might require another.  The needs of marketing, training, insides and outside sales teams would definitely differ from the needs of call center teams.  While technology and administrative teams would may require yet another set of communication tools.  

It is important to thoroughly investigate the communication needs of your organization.  A unified communications program through a hosted provider can customize the needs of of your growing and diverse workforce; while maintaining a solid collaborative solution that flows from department to department. 

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