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UC JOURNEY: 6 Reasons to Choose a Cloud-Based UC Solution

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Many organizations are deciding between on-premise or the cloud for Unified Communication solutions. Learn four reasons why some organizations are better suited for a UC solution based in the cloud.

Modern unified communications platforms encompass services including IP telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, presence and file sharing.

Despite the massive migration of applications, services and data to the cloud, most enterprise organizations have hung onto their trusty on-prem UC solution. Yet, as unified communications systems begin to age, businesses are finding that Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms are plentiful and full of promise. With so many added features and functionality found in UCaaS platforms, why would anyone choose to stay on premises?

Let's look at four real-world reasons why you might want to have your unified communications system in the cloud.

1. Operational Costs

One of the attractions to hosted solutions has always been the fact that it is a monthly cost and requires less financial planning to implement. Monthly carrier costs for dial tone are now rolled into this expenditure and help to offset the overall costs. 

2. Updated Technology

IT professionals especially can appreciate the challenges of staying current with technology. Cloud UC solutions allow for the ability to change solutions in order to stay current with features your business needs. Companies are not tied to a long-term investment in a platform that may not fit their needs in 3 years. 

3. Support Costs

Organizations can find that the time spent to properly support a premised based system without the proper personnel can become cumbersome and costly. With web-based tools for both system administrators and end users, most companies find maintaining the UC platform to be effortless. All support is generally included by the hosted provider including warranties for any hardware/phones. 

4. Flexibility for Businesses

With more and more organizations concerned with the “uptime” of their business, hosted solutions easily adapt to unpredictable situations.  There are easy ways to alter call routes to back up locations. End users have the flexibility of working from remote locations. Calls can be automatically rerouted in the case of a network or other type of outage. 

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams isn't just a hub for teamwork, it's a platform for all forms of effective business communication. If you're not already familiar with it, Teams is based in Microsoft's Office 365 cloud platform. This makes it a one-stop shop for Instant Chat, Team collaboration, audio and video meetings and document sharing and it is gradually replacing solutions like Skype for Business, Slack or Zoom.

But Teams has evolved into a fully-fledged, global phone system as well, which can effectively replace your traditional phone system. Teams, when combined with networks and solutions from a Direct Routing Partner like CallTower, is also highly competitive in functionality and cost when compared to other modern Cloud based phone systems.

6. Cisco HCS

Cisco HCS provides comprehensive collaboration-as-a-service. The basic capabilities and benefits of this robust offering include corporate telephony, unified communications, conferencing, contact center and Key HCS Enhanced Features like visual voicemail, Cisco Unity Connection, Dial Plan enhancements, Busy Lamp and more. 

Ready to learn more?  Join the UC Journey today and gain more insight! 



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