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Cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) adoption amongst organizations of all sizes, within all industries, continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. More and more organizations continue recognize the impact and business value of bringing together VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment.

Unified Communications are customizable; many organizations will require a straight forward UC platform, while others, require additional system integrations such as CRM (customer relationship management), contact center and call recording solutions assimilated into their UC solution. 

Creating a UC strategy and turning it into an executable plan can be a daunting challenge.  You’re likely to encounter questions surrounding feature sets, deployment options and how to address the many business decisions that will impact the workforce.  A comprehensive strategy initiates the formula for a successful UC Journey.  The greatest challenge in any project, is taking the first step. 

To achieve the benefits of a successful UC deployment with a consistent, company-wide communications architecture, organizations must ensure that they are prepared.  The Journey is unique for every business, however, it does have common core, primary stages that are mutual regardless of size, locations, or workforce.  Our goal is to outline these commonalities in a method that supports business leaders when transitioning to a unified communications and collaboration solution. 

Through this multiphase Journey, we identify the steps to facilitate a smooth UC Solution passage: 

  • DISCOVERY – Navigate and analyze requirements and features
  • REQUIREMENTS - Inquiry of costs, necessary functions and budget considerations
  • DECISION – Vendor criteria and selection process
  • IMPLEMENTATION – Well-developed execution project plan with ROI expectations
  • ADOPTION – Training, adoption, management practices, success criteria and feedback.

We also identified some preliminary Journey challenges:

  • Platform to enable business processes
  • Solution to provide latest communication applications
  • Delivery a globally consistent user experience
  • Connect internal and external users
  • Meet the needs of mobile users and all devices
  • All on a limited IT Budget and Resources

Join us as we embark on each phase in the UC Journey to thoroughly identify the steps and information needed to successfully guide your company to the Unified Communications cloud! 

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