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September 9, 2013

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Remember the days of sitting in front of a client and reviewing a telecom bill that felt more like a drawn out novel without the happy ending? Straining your eyes while reviewing page after page of local, domestic, and international usage with the goal of saving the client 20% to 50% off their monthly bill for signing up with a new service/contract? Quite a daunting and tedious task, but it had to be done to gain a new customer and a signed contract.

Thankfully today, our industry and specifically our Partner Channel has transformed and evolved. Those that have been in the business long enough would agree that being a Telecom Professional involves much more than providing savings on their phone bill. You are now the IT consultant, a business partner, an extension of your client’s company, a friend and even part of the family. Along with the changing roles of the Telecom professional, Service Providers have evolved to meet these ever-changing warriors. CallTower has and is evolving, welcoming and understanding the Channel Partner Community. Together, venturing out into uncharted waters.

By partnering, CallTower provides a more optimal solution for your customer while also improving and maintaining the relationship you have built. We are at a pivotal point with the rise of the cloud, our Cisco Unified Communications Platform and our Voice Enabled Microsoft Unified Communications solutions. And over the next few years, CallTower and its Channel Partners will be quickly evolving to lead the way with the most innovative and finest solutions to meet your customers’ changing needs. It is our responsibility to stay ahead, anything less would be a disservice to our customers. As we transition, CallTower commits in providing support and reassurance. Solutions that were once seen as “Disruptive technologies” are seamlessly introduced and collaborate with a customer’s existing environment. Through the combination of digital technology, IP communications (Cisco UC and Microsoft UC), and devices that support mobility; customers’ needs are met and long lasting relationships with Partners are built as all benefit from the superior service CallTower promises.

With the rapid changes that technology brings, support and best in breed solutions is what will make your voyage in these uncharted waters a success. CallTower knows this, and though continuous training, understanding of market trends, and taking the time to understand/ listen to a customer’s future plans, a successful partnership is built. The bottom line…. Together we will be successful.


“If everything's under control, you're going too slow.” - Mario Andretti.

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