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"Unlimited" Service Plans

In the United States, many goods are sold under the banner of “unlimited”—all you can eat buffets, drink refills, cell phone plans, TV and internet services, etc. We all understand the concept behind this particular notion of unlimited; you pay a premium for peace of mind and a consistent bill every month. You never worry about incurring charges if you go “over” because that scenario isn’t possible.

The “unlimited” model is great for the few people who actually do consume a large amount of the particular good or service sold, and it's an even better model for the companies selling the goods and services.

At CallTower, we’ve watched this trend grow in our industry over the past few years. Many of our competitors offer unlimited services. While we too have an unlimited offer, we find that our clients and partners chose to work with us because they’re looking for the best service at the most competitive price.

On a daily basis our sales team spends hours analyzing clients’ current bills, working on pricing to reduce cost. Part of what sets CallTower apart is that our services are most often structured on a "pay as you go" model, where clients pay a low price for basic service, with a usage fee then added based on what is actually consumed.  Ultimately, our “pay as you go” model benefits clients because they never pay extra for services they do not use.

Arguments can be made to support either payment model, but as long as we do proper research and work alongside our partners and customers, we will discover significant savings. Therefore, companies can benefit in a big way by moving from an unlimited pricing model to the CallTower pricing philosophy.

–Erin Darnell, Account Manager

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