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How VoIP Became a Cornerstone of Business Collaboration

The role of VoIP in business has changed greatly over the past few years. As more and more businesses began to adopt the technology, they started to test its features and use them for their own specific needs.

VoIP is now so closely tied to collaboration that the two are almost inseparable. Businesses can now hold conference calls at any time or place. With a VoIP system, it doesn't matter if employees are spread out across the country. As long as everyone can carve an hour out of their schedule, a conference call is possible.

A recent Network World article describes VoIP's role in business today. Here's how the article describes its transition into a staple of collaboration:

“VoIP has grown up to become ‘collaboration’ and this will be nothing short of a revolution in how we all do our jobs.”

With a platform such as Intercall Conferencing, call conferencing is straightforward and simple. There's not much setup required, so conference calls are ready as soon as all members are available. In addition, with Microsoft, businesses can share documents and presentations with each other during the conference call.

The article goes on to describe the other cornerstone of business collaboration: telepresence, or video conferencing. The combination of VoIP and video conferencing means that a business would never have to travel long distances to meet with clients or partners. This ultimately results in major cost-savings as the business' travel expenses are greatly reduced.

Of course for some businesses, VoIP is exactly the same as it was a few years ago: a cost-effective, features-loaded alternative to traditional landline phones. VoIP can be installed tomorrow and a business would have a seamless transition to IP calling. But businesses that are looking to improve their communications will use VoIP for conferences and collaboration.

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