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Overcoming the Challenges of Going Global with UCaaS

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If you have dreams of expanding your business beyond the local market into a global one, then you understand the challenges that may be associated with it. Complexities associated with international expansion include cultural nuances, logistical hurdles, and communications complexity. But even in today's ever-evolving digital landscape, these challenges don't have to stand in your way - especially when adopting unified communication-as-a-service (UCaaS) solutions. 

By leveraging UCaaS tools such as cloud-based systems, VoIP calling services, integrated video chat/conferencing technologies, and more, businesses looking to go global can expand quickly while minimizing the risks associated with internationalization, regardless of location or language barrier. So put on your thinking cap and join us in exploring what you need to know when it comes to going global with UCaaS!


The Benefits of UCaaS and Why Expanding Companies Should Use It 

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a platform that leverages cloud technology to allow businesses to unify their communication tools into one comprehensive system. This allows businesses to communicate via text, audio, video, and more, all in one place. UCaaS also provides an array of software applications integrated into the same platform. For example, you could use voicemail-integrated email or presence-based call routing for customer service. 

There are numerous advantages to adopting UCaaS as a business expands globally. Here are just a few of the reasons why expanding companies should consider using UCaaS:


Increased Productivity

With UCaaS, employees can work from anywhere at any time. With just an internet connection, they can access the same features and functionality as if they were in the office. Leading to increased employee productivity, calls can be taken from clients while on the go, and collaboration with colleagues in real-time regardless of location, and more. 


Improved Customer Service

UCaaS also enables businesses to provide their customers with better service. Customers can reach the right person or department quickly and easily with UCaaS's call routing features. They can also use features like click-to-call from your website, automatic call recording, and more. 


Improved Business Continuity 

In an emergency, UCaaS ensures that your business can still operate as usual. With features like remote desktops, virtual private networks (VPNs), and more, employees can work from home or another location without skipping a beat. And since UCaaS is hosted in the cloud, there's no need to worry about damaging or destroying on-premises equipment. 


Reduced Costs  

With UCaaS, you only pay for the features and capacity you need now, with the option to scale up as your business grows. There's no need to overspend on an on-premises PBX system with features you may not even use. In addition, since there's no hardware or software to maintain, your IT costs will also be lower. 


Challenges Involved with Expanding Companies That are Going Global with UCaaS

When expanding companies go global with UCaaS, there are a few potential challenges they need to be aware of. These include:   

  • Cultural nuances: Every country has its own cultural nuances that must be considered when doing business. Researching each country's language, customs, and legal requirements is essential for successful expansion. 
  • Logistical hurdles: Expansion also requires extensive planning and coordination regarding logistics, such as ordering hardware, shipping equipment, setting up support services, etc. 
  • Data privacy compliance: Different countries have different data privacy regulations, so businesses need to be aware of each country's laws and ensure they comply with them when expanding globally. 
  • Technology compatibility: Businesses must ensure that the UCaaS system they choose is compatible with all devices and networks in each country before deploying it. 


How Can Those Challenges be Solved? 

The best way to solve these challenges is by understanding the context in which your business will operate. This includes:

  • 24/7 customer support: Having 24/7 customer support in every country is necessary for successful global expansion. This means having native speakers available to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have in their language.
  • Data privacy compliance: Research the data privacy regulations of each country you plan to expand into and ensure your business complies with them.
  • Technology compatibility: Before deploying your UCaaS system, ensure it's compatible with all devices and networks in the countries you're expanding into.
  • Language localization: Make sure your products and services are localized for each region so that customers can fully understand what you're offering and why they should use it. 
  • Effective implementation teams: Establish effective teams in each country that are well-versed in the local business customs and language so they can effectively implement your UCaaS solution.
  • Secure platforms: Ensure you have secure platforms to protect customer data from potential threats. 



The path to successful global expansion with UCaaS solutions is challenging and requires the right combination of strategy, technology partners, success measurements, and company culture. Executing these steps requires a team effort. CallTower can help you navigate through the challenges of going global and has the expertise to help turn your UCaaS goals into reality. CallTower can guide your organization from conception through implementation to ensure that every business in your distributed work environment can access reliable and secure unified communications. 

With CallTower's solutions, you can ensure your borderless organization has exceptional user experiences for all users regardless of their location or device type. Contact us today by clicking on the "Let's Connect" image below to learn how we can make it easier for you and your business to go global with a UCaaS solution



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