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Empowering Businesses with UCaaS and Collaboration during COVID-19

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ucaas collaboration covid 19 response programOver the past few months, during the stressful and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, CallTower has been working hard to enable businesses can communicate and collaborate. As a critical component of emergency business continuity, communication is more important than ever in keeping companies operational.  

In that endeavor, CallTower has launched and extended a COVID-19 Response Program, providing free and no-risk services for 90 days for interested parties. On top of the 90 days of free service, the Response Program also includes an additional 90 days, post-activation, to turn-up and turn-down users as needed and free cancellation within the 90 days of service.  

The Solutions available within the program are as follows: Solutions include Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing, Native Skype for Business, Cisco® HCS, Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, CT Cloud Voice and CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom and Cloud Contact Center options. These enterprise-grade solutions, coupled with our no-risk program and CallTower’s 24/7/365 US-based service can be a powerful aid for businesses in challenging times.

“We first launched a variation of this program in mid-March 2020 and we have had a tremendous response from the business community,” said CallTower Chief Revenue Officer William Rubio. “As times are changing, we are changing to meet the needs of businesses and our community. We are enhancing our Extended Response Program with Contact Center solutions, which will include fast-track implementation that we can turn-up and provision with 5-days. We are remaining flexible to help organizations with cost and account changes and we’re proud to provide risk-free solutions to keep workforces connected and productive.”

While we hope this program will be able to assist many organizations facing this crisis, we also recognize that some companies may struggle with organizational changes. We have a number of articles regarding these concerns that may assist in that effort, which can all be found on our blog here



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