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CT Cloud Solutions

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CT Cloud SuiteEmpower Your Cloud Communications Platform with Dynamic Solutions

 For business customers, managing communications and increasing productivity in today’s dynamic, distributed, mobile economy is exceptionally challenging.

With CT Cloud solutions, network operators can support customers of any size to meet these challenges by quickly and reliably delivering feature-rich, high-quality, and secure business communications solutions.

CT Cloud Voice
Empowering Dynamic Cloud Communications

CT Cloud Voice is a powerful UC application that enables carriers to extend their business telephony services directly to an end user’s laptop, desktop or portable device or handset. These endpoints present the actual calling features, dial plans and outgoing caller ID of the twinned office phone. Ideal for remote workers and mobile workers who are increasingly bringing their own devices (BYOD). 

  • Accession Communicator Features: 
    • SMS texting with file sharing and presence
    • HD voice and video calling
    • Powerful pre-call and in-call control features
    • Identical calling features and caller ID on all devices
    • Applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
    • Unique network management tools and analytics
  • CommPortal Features: 
    • View missed calls
    • Listen to voicemail messages
    • Manage your contacts
    • Set up rules to route your calls
    • Configure voicemail to email and voicemail notification
  • Voice Operator Panel: Voice Operator Panel (VOP) provides call status information, drag and drop call transfer, and other features for supervisors, receptionists, and call center agents. VOP is available in three versions: Full, Lite and Desktop.

CT Cloud SIP

Lower Cost, More Flexibility

As businesses move away from traditional TDM-based phone systems to an all-IP environment, they will need to embrace SIP trunking as the standard for voice and multimedia communications. This need will only intensify as older phone systems reach end-of-life and require replacement.

CT Cloud SIP trunking provides one concurrent call and includes inbound usage. With features such as 911, directory listing and caller name. Our SIP DID Packages combine the most popular SIP features and provide concurrent calls equal to twice the number of DIDs.

CT Cloud SIP trunks include all inbound usage and have 24 concurrent call paths with the ability to scale higher. User-friendly web administration through CommPortal for managing the SIP trunk, DID’s, call forwarding and call screening. All of our SIP trunking packages include one local DID with features such as 911, CNAM, directory listing, one toll-free number and depending on package size outbound minutes and DID’s without features.

  • Delivers business mobility and UC to premises-based PBXs
  • Lowers costs for network operators and their business customers
  • Highly resilient and easy-to-manage communication services
  • A proven standards-based and highly interoperable solution
  • Based on our leading virtualized SBC and MTAS platforms
  • Global deployments serving millions of enterprise subscribers

CT Cloud MeetingA Complete Solution for Web and Video Conferencing

CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom is a cloud video conferencing and collaboration solution for desktop and mobile. Start or join a meeting with crystal-clear, face-to-face video, high-quality screen sharing, and instant messaging.

CT Cloud Meeting gives organizations the opportunity to share their story by hosting online events. These events can have up to 100 interactive video participants and 10,000+ attendees and are automatically recorded for future use.

Businesses with CT Cloud Meeting can also identify quality leads with reporting and analytics, and seamlessly import them into marketing automation platforms for follow up. Flexible registration management allows businesses to brand forms and emails, and integrate directly with CMS software. Other features include: 

  • Fully integrated Cloud Voice UC collaboration to 500 attendees
  • Standalone web & video conferencing to 500 attendees
  • Full-feature webinars up to 10k participants
  • Low-cost conference room systems
  • H.323 & SIP room connectors

CT Cloud BoostFully Redundant Architecture

The robust applications of a UC system call for a better, more reliable network. The combination of UCaaS and CT Cloud Boost will provide the quality and experience for real-time applications while improving overall network performance for domestic and international organizations.

CT Cloud Boost brings results by connecting data centers directly to the domestic network backbone and POPs of carriers. Customer traffic hops on this advanced network at the closest POP, delivering a fully redundant architecture. This connection makes the CT Cloud Boost solution among the most easily implemented and provides top-tier internet performance and uptime.

  • Internet Failover & Optimization
  • Thousands of Cloud Apps including Microsoft O365 and CRMs
  • Load Balancing and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Site-to-Site VPN Foundation

CT Cloud Contact Center

Fully-featured, Powerful and Complete End-to-end Cloud Contact Center

The CT Cloud Contact Center solution is designed to improve contact center operations by reducing IT reliance, streamlining workflow processes, simplifying training, and affecting better decisions through robust analytics. With CT Cloud Contact Center’s user-friendly interface and graphical dashboards, enabling your staff to achieve your customer contact goals is easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Customers expect their calls to be answered quickly and their issues to be resolved promptly. Whether your contact center has a few or even hundreds of agents, meeting this demand requires specialized software. The CT Cloud Contact Center solution is designed to improve contact center operations by reducing IT reliance, streamlining workflow processes, simplifying training, and affecting better decisions through robust analytics.

CT Cloud Unite

Integrate Your Applications

CT Cloud Unite provides integration to an unprecedented range of business and contact-oriented applications, offering a standard set of features with a huge range of popular cross-vertical and vertical-specific applications.

This far-reaching integration solution will improve the quality and professionalism of your call handling and the caller’s experience. It increases the productivity and collaboration of phone system’s users and reduces the time and costs involved with making and receiving large volumes of calls. CT Cloud Unite helps realize the full potential of hosted telephony solutions.

CT Cloud Unite is a client-only solution, specifically designed for CallTower’s hosted Cloud Voice platform and is easy to install, configure and upgrade. Features include: 

  • Click-to-dial: A comprehensive range of click-to-dial techniques is standard with CT Cloud Unite, enabling significant time savings within your favorite applications.
  • Contact Popping: If a caller is located in an integrated application, you will see full contact information details quickly “pop-up” on screen.
  • Caller Preview: Caller Preview is enabled for both inbound and outbound calls; if a match for the caller is located within the integrated directories, the caller’s summary details are displayed on screen.
  • Activity Logging: Record activity in business applications for all inbound and outbound calls. This feature is currently available within limited business applications.
  • Address Book: Details of a new caller can be easily saved in your personal directory and integrated applications can be searched and dialed from the results.
  • Recent and History Lists: View a list of your most recent inbound and outbound calls or view a more comprehensive call history list. Any telephone number in these lists can be redialed with a single click.
  • Note Taking: Quickly and easily add call notes to the business system.
  • Licensing: Available in “Express” and “CRM” versions, both offer click-to-dial functions, call history, and contact searching with pop-up integration with Outlook, Lotus/IBM Notes and Google Contacts. The CRM version offers pop-up information integration into additional business applications.

CT Cloud RecordingEnable Productivity with Cloud-Based Recording Solution

With CT Cloud Recording you are able to identify customer needs and expectations, and identify training needs for your team. In a UCaaS environment, there are many occasions that recording is of great value or simply required. With CT Cloud Recording you are able to record calls on-demand, or automatically from a single platform.

CT Cloud Fax

Cutting-edge Cloud-Based Email Faxing Service

With CT Cloud Fax and CT Cloud Fax Complete solutions, you can send and receive faxes within Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail and many other email systems. Customers can choose between DID numbers, toll-free numbers, unlimited inbound or unlimited inbound + outbound. Faxing is as easy as attaching a document to your email and clicking send; no dedicated fax lines and no additional hardware.

  • Send and receive faxes from email with Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and other email systems
  • Securely receive faxes from a local or toll-free number with SMTP over TLS.
  • Quickly attach and send via secure email via our simple email client integration.
  • Receive faxes as PDF or TIFF files.
  • Route faxes to distribution lists.
  • Domestic and International (new numbers or portable numbers)
  • Rest easy knowing CT Cloud Fax securely transmits over an encrypted internet connection.
  • You can also attach Microsoft Office or PDF documents to a CT Cloud Fax. (Outbound Only)
  • Get rid of phone lines, software, and systems to manage

For more information about our CT Cloud Solutions, schedule a consultation with CallTower today by clicking on the CT Cloud logo below:

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