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CallTowers' One-Click Failover: Uninterrupted MS Teams Communication

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CallTower's One-Click Failover for Microsoft Teams: The Ultimate Solution for Uninterrupted Communication

In the digital age, communication is the lifeblood of any organization. It's the thread that connects every department, every team member, and every customer. But what happens when this lifeline is disrupted? CallTower's one-click failover system for Microsoft Teams steps in to ensure that your communication remains uninterrupted, even in the face of adversity.

seamless communication anywhere, anytime

CallTower's one-click failover system is a groundbreaking solution designed to keep your conversations flowing, no matter the circumstance. Whether you're dealing with a downed single-circuit connection, an emergency, or a natural disaster, this innovative feature ensures continuity and seamless communication.

CallTower's one-click failovers' unique capabilities:

  • Continuity during Crises: This failover system seamlessly forwards all phone numbers associated with Microsoft Teams to any number of your choice. This means that even amidst challenges, your inbound calls will still find their way to you, keeping potential disruptions at bay.

  • User-Friendly Implementation: Forget about complex manual interventions or time-consuming processes. Implementing CallTower's one-click failover system is as simple as it gets. Through the Microsoft Teams Connect Admin Portal, administrators can easily configure the failover settings, specifying where calls should be forwarded during an outage.

  • Guard Against Outages: CallTower's failover functionality addresses a key concern for businesses heavily reliant on Microsoft Teams as their primary communication platform. It mitigates the potential impact of service outages, ensuring that organizations can continue operating smoothly and serving their customers without disruptions.

  • A Testament to Innovation: The launch of CallTower's one-click failover solution has garnered attention and recognition in the industry. Bret L. England, the CEO at CallTower, has emphasized the importance of this feature in maintaining uninterrupted communication during rare Microsoft Teams outages, underlining the company's commitment to delivering innovative and empowering solutions.

Beyond Failover: A Comprehensive Communication Solution

CallTower's offerings go beyond failover capabilities. They encompass key business integrations like CRM, emergency notifications, fax, and more. This holistic approach demonstrates CallTower's commitment to delivering a robust and feature-rich unified communication experience.

The Impact on Organizations

Organizations leveraging Microsoft Teams as part of their communication infrastructure can greatly benefit from CallTower's one-click failover system. The ability to seamlessly forward calls during an outage ensures businesses can maintain essential communication channels without disruption. This enhances operational efficiency and enables organizations to provide uninterrupted service to their customers.


CallTower's one-click failover system for Microsoft Teams is not just a feature - it's revolutionizing the way organizations communicate. It gives businesses the confidence and continuity they need in their communication infrastructure by seamlessly forwarding calls during outages or emergencies, ensuring organization uninterrupted customer engagement and collaboration.

With this innovative failover capability, CallTower reaffirms its position as a leader in providing reliable and comprehensive communication solutions. Contact CallTower today to take your first step towards uninterrupted communication. 


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