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CallTower Now Offering SIP Trunking

October 29, 2014

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CallTower, a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise-class unified communications solutions, announces the introduction of Enterprise SIP Trunking to its services.

SIP Trunking uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling and a native IP-based transport to manage all voice traffic between a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) platform, using a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) based private global network, and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). SIP Trunking offers complete service features like local, long distance, on-net and toll-free, 911/E911, global dial-tone coverage in over 50 countries, network flexibility, and web-based service management.

SIP Trunking enables organizations to save money on a recurring basis. By moving traffic to an IP data network, organizations can save 50 percent or more on long distance charges and monthly access line fees. On-net calls (calls between internal locations) stay on the network so organizations are not paying per-minute charges or monthly trunk charges for these calls. Other cost savings include: reduced management expenses, lower taxes and tariffs and changes done through software instead of physically swapping wires.

Organizations may be reluctant to make a dramatic change to their current telephony and network services. CallTower’s Enterprise SIP Trunking allows organizations to preserve their investment in their existing PBX, phones and other telephony equipment. CallTower’s SIP solution allows organizations connectivity to virtually any existing telephony solution and a path to migrate to a best of breed Cisco and/or Microsoft Lync telephony solutions with no additional capital costs.

Organizations will experience immediately the costs saving benefit of CallTower SIP Trunking with reduced local lines, cost per minute, and hardware costs. Growing organizations can seamlessly add capacity and avoid lengthy installation intervals. As an organizations communication needs develop and call volumes increase, SIP Trunks can be adjusted to support additional calls. Due to its ease to configure and lower cost to operate, maintain, and upgrade, CallTower can provide its customers with a reliable service that will give a quick and substantial return on investment.

CallTower’s comprehensive, US based 24x7x365 phone, email and chat support provides constant monitoring and active management of SIP Trunking will allow businesses to focus on their core business and not on their telephony infrastructure. Organizations will also avoid costly outages with a zero-outage global infrastructure through CallTower’s Core SIP Trunking Network which includes point of presences (PoP) in Los Angeles, NYC, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

About CallTower:

CallTower exists to connect people. CallTower is a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class unified communications solutions for growing organizations worldwide. We develop an innovative platform to deliver hosted best of breed communication solutions with industry leading support. We enhance our clients’ strategic and operational capabilities by integrating best of breed business phone service, mobile applications, email hosting, unified messaging, instant messaging, audio, web and video conferencing, collaboration tools, contact center, SIP trunking and global networks into one reliable platform.