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CallTower Network Services: Three Exciting Ways to Connect

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CT-Cloud-Boost_TileWhy choose CallTower for your network services? 

We provide the service, manage the network upgrades and integrate the technology and applications into your business with around the clock monitoring by our Network Operations Centers. With a robust global network offering redundant connections through leading providers, CallTower's CT Cloud Solutions - like CT Cloud Boost and CT Cloud SIP - can connect to almost any place at any time. We also provide Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and dedicated lines. All these solutions have 24x7x365 monitored services to ensure maximum uptime and available dynamic application failover.  

CT Cloud Boost

Real-time applications such as voice, video, and collaboration, are increasingly taking up a larger share of network bandwidth by corporations and consumers alike. CT Cloud Boost provides local and global businesses with enterprise-grade, reliable performance for real-time applications like voice and video. It is also cloud-agnostic, enabling improved performance even when voice applications are hosted in any cloud environment.

Benefits of an CT Cloud Boost deployment:

  • Can be deployed within a week
  • Cloud-agnostic
  • Several solution options
  • Lower cost
  • Global connectivity


Today, many companies need to connect to multiple business locations. The most reliable and secure wide area network service is Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, a privately operated network that carefully controls connection paths between locations. MPLS networks offer:

  • Lower cost
  • Higher performance way to send data
  • Voice or video between locations.
  • Guarantee Quality of Service for Voice Traffic
  • Option for Cisco solution and Skype for Business solution; with CallTower Hosted Voice and MPLS network, we deliver quality and reliable voice service. Monitor and manage complete network 24x7x365

CT Cloud SIP

As businesses move away from traditional TDM-based phone systems to an all-IP environment, they will need to embrace SIP trunking as the standard for voice and multimedia communications. This need will only intensify as older phone systems reach end-of-life and require replacement.

CT Cloud SIP trunks include all inbound usage and have 24 concurrent call paths with the ability to scale higher. User friendly web administration through CommPortal for managing the SIP trunk, DID’s, call forwarding and call screening. All of our SIP trunking packages include one local DID with features such as 911, CNAM, directory listing, one toll free number and depending on package size outbound minutes and DID’s without features.

CallTower's Network Services are robust, powerful, reliable, redundant and top-of-the-line. To find out more about these incredibly exciting offerings, schedule your consultation today:



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