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What are CallTower's Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Offerings?

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Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows companies to utilize a contact center provider’s software. A CCaaS model allows businesses to purchase only the technology they need, which reduces the need for internal IT support. CCaaS is an ideal option for many contact centers, offering scalability as operational needs change. By providing the flexibility to pay for only the technology needed, investment is low and costs are significantly reduced while capabilities to better serve customers are expanded.

Clarity Connect

Clarity Connect is a cloud-managed contact center that manages calls, IMs, emails, web chats and other communications for your customers, employees or partners. Clarity Connect is native to Skype for Business, so it extends the functionality of Skype for Business rather than replicating it, and expanding the communication and collaboration capabilities of the platform you already have in place. This allows you to leverage your investment in Office 365 and Skype for Business while still garnering all the advantages of a cloud contact center.

Clarity-Federated-icn2Federation - Clarity Connect is cloud-managed, so you can deploy a contact center for Office 365, or for a cloud-hosted or on-premises installation of Skype for Business. This allows you to keep your options for cloud deployments open: for example, if you’re on Skype for Business now and want to move to Office 365 later, Clarity Connect can seamlessly migrate with you.

Reporting - Managing customer service is about responding timely, in an appropriate way, and setting the proper expectations.  To do that, you’ll need data and the ability to make quick, simple changes that affect the customer experience positively. Clarity Connect puts the real-time data at your fingertips with a powerful web-based dashboard that proactively notifies you or others when defined criteria is met, allowing you to take action before there’s an actual issue.

Intelligent Routing - Clarity Connect provides all the tools you need to identify the caller, determine their need, and quickly get them routed to the best available expert in your organization.

  • Quick IVR - Clarity Connect offers a web based visual call flow editor that allows you to create a powerful user experience that can process voice calls and chat sessions. With third party integration for intelligent routing and customer look ups your team will have what they need to succeed.
  • Call Routing - Allow callers to connect to your best agents through an automated call distributor. With world class skills based routing, configurable queues, dynamic routing and call back options there is no better solutions on the market.
  • Recording - No contact center is complete without configurable recording options that allow for inbound and outbound agent recordings.

Application Integrations - Integrating your contact center with critical systems is important to your overall success.  Clarity Connect offers multiple integrations with some of the most widely used platforms in the industry.

  • CRM: Clarity Connect supports seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, allowing you to route calls based on customer data, deliver customer details to agents, and push data into customer records. CRM data is accessible directly within the Quick IVR call flow editor and is delivered to agents using our web-based agent console.
  • Data Integration: Clarity Connect also allows for accessing other external data via ODBC connection, WCF services, or HTTP calls to gather routing information or build and generate a custom screen pop URL for other third-party web-based applications.
  • Web Chat: Clarity Connect makes the web chat process simple through a web gateway that is quick to configure and deploy, offers skills based routing to your agents and provides chat transcripts.


Get all the benefits of feature-rich, on-premise systems with none of the hassle. The Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) suite gives your people the tools they need to make powerful customer connections while delivering the results your business requires.


With the Five9 Blended VCC suite, you receive all the features and benefits you’ve come to expect from on-premise contact center infrastructure systems, with none of the complexity and long deployment times. And unlike many other cloud contact center infrastructure vendors, the Five9 VCC suite is built entirely from the ground up for the cloud. They have been enhancing the platform for over 13 years, so you can take advantage of a mature product with a rich feature set.

Virtual Inbound Cloud Contact Center - Business moves fast. So should your contact center. With the simplicity of the Five9 Virtual Inbound Cloud Contact Center (VCC), you can configure your contact center in as little as one hour. Five9 is the market leader in customer implementations with the experience you need to help transform your brittle premise infrastructure into an agile contact center with the ability to scale whenever you need it.

Predictive Dialer - The Five9 Predictive Dialer automates outbound dialing and triples the amount of time your agents spend talk-ing to real prospects and customers, instead of dialing numbers. Use the Five9 Predictive Dialer when you have a large number of leads you need to contact quickly. It runs through your call lists across multiple campaigns, detects voice mail, fax machines, and busy signals. It also avoids “Do Not Call” numbers and automatically adjusts the dialing pace according to predicted agent availability.

Skype for Business Integration - The Five9 and Microsoft Skype for Business integration empowers agents to leverage: Company-wide presence (providing contact availability and channel preference), Global address book integration/synchronization and contact groups, Click to Call and Click to Chat collaboration, Telephony integration for Five9 agents and Microsoft, Skype for Business users to place calls to each other without carrier fees and Authentication via Windows domain credentials passed to UC adapter.

CT Cloud Contact Center

CT Cloud Contact Center means superior customer care. Customers expect their calls to be answered quickly and their issues to be resolved promptly. Whether your contact center has a few or even hundreds of agents, meeting this demand requires specialized software. Main features of CT Cloud Contact Center include:

  • Call Center Groups
  • Call Center Queues
  • Data Center
  • Quality Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Reports and Analytics

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs - The CT Cloud Contact Center solution is designed to improve contact center operations by reducing IT reliance, streamlining workflow processes, simplifying training, and affecting better decisions through robust analytics.

Fresh, Dynamic and User Friendly - Contact Center solution can be complex, optimizing them shouldn’t be. With CT Cloud Contact Center’s user-friendly interface and graphical dashboards, enabling your staff to achieve your customer contact goals is easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable than ever before.

To learn more and to see which Contact Center solution is right for you and your organization, schedule your consultation today:



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