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CallTower at its "Core"

September 13, 2013

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What is important to CallTower? How do we behave? Like many other organizations, CallTower had identified what values are “core” to the company. These are our values that represent behavioral traits we consider inherent in our company. They guide every aspect of our organization, from hiring and training programs to strategy and operational performance.

First, CallTower demonstrates a passion and willingness for excellence. We are committed to be on our “A-Game” each and every day. It’s not enough for us to “get by.” We reward out employees for striving to exceed expectations and not settling for mediocrity. We take pride in our work. Employees share their observations of this core value in action with other employees through company “shout-outs”—email messages sent to all employees identifying instances of having passion in their jobs and striving for excellence.

Second, CallTower encourages and supports a bias for action among its employees. We are a relatively young company and we are on a high-growth trajectory. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. But it’s not a place to be if you are looking for every decision to be made by committee. While we believe it is important for policies and process to be in place and adhered to by employees, CallTower simply can’t afford to get bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. We must be quick and nimble to respond to the changing marketplace and our customers’ needs. When something needs to get done, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make it happen!

Third, Calltower is focused on engaging with and delighting our customers. This isn’t merely a generic customer service motto that we put in our employee break room. We mean it! It’s about proactively reaching out to our customers to check in on them. As an example of this value, employees throughout the organization—not just in our Customer Service department—take on an additional role as Account Owners. Account Owners take “ownership” of seeing that customers assigned to them are delighted with our service. They reach out to their customers proactively on a periodic basis to ensure we are exceeding their expectations. In cases where an issue may arise, our Account Owners serve as advocates for our customers to see that issues are resolved quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction. We believe that delighting our customers is not an option at CallTower—it is imperative.

So, in a nutshell, these three behaviors are CallTower at its “core.” These behaviors are not options for us. They are not up for debate or negotiation. They are in our organizational DNA. This is who CallTower is and we proudly embrace this identity!