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3 Ways Collaboration via Video Meetings Beats Email

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pexels-anna-shvets-4226256The adage goes: “Never hold a meeting for something that could be solved in an email.” While this saying holds true for most aspects of business, other situations require non-verbal communication only a meeting can provide. For businesses working virtually, online meetings solve this communication problem.

Observe these three important ways video meetings function far better than an email, especially for remote teams:

1. Clarity Improves Performance

A Harvard Business Review study discovered that a face-to-face request or interaction is 34 times more effective than an email. Participants are more likely to complete the request when asked face-to-face than over an email. For businesses, this concept still rings true and the bottom line can depend on it. Face-to-face interactions provide individuals with more clarity about the task or project at hand, which, in turn, leads to better business performance overall.

While written communication is a critical business skill, it still relies on interpretation from the recipient. Attempting to communicate vital project details via an email can cause confusion, even when clearly written out. Reduce the potential for miscommunication by pairing project details with an online meeting to confirm everyone’s understanding of the assigned tasks.

2. Video Meetings Are Efficient

Today’s office worker spends a large chunk of their day responding to emails. We can all agree that time might be better spent completing projects, finding solutions, and contributing to other areas of the business. An online meeting can communicate pertinent details in less time than it takes to respond to an email, especially when you include time wasted waiting on a response. With more time on their hands, your team can focus on their work and enjoy greater productivity overall.

3. Pertinent Mass Communication

Mass emails are often used to distribute company-wide information. However, these emails also tend to be jam-packed with information, causing employees to spend time comprehending it fully or ignore it entirely. Instead, send a company-wide email instructing the relevant employees to join a meeting detailing the information.

Video meetings can be streamed live or on-demand, whatever works best for your company. They can also include a variety of features from polls to chatrooms, designed to keep your employees engaged in the meeting. Save your employees’ time and focus by converting your company emails into engaging video meetings with solutions like CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom. Your team’s productivity will thank you.

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