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Partnering With The Right Channel Sales Program

May 2, 2019

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Make sure the Channel Partner Program works for you

chips-close-up-cubes-1591055When executed properly, channel sales can provide a company with the tools it needs to grow swiftly and expand rapidly. However, the approach does not just mean you are only responsible for shipping your products to an outside source and hope the customers receive the products. If you truly want to be successful, you will need to create an effective distribution channel and take the proper steps to develop long-lasting and strong relationships with every channel partner who crosses your path.

What is a Channel Sales Program?

When we talk about a model that involves selling services and products that is dependent upon a third party, we are talking about channel sales. A channel sales program can include affiliate partners, vendors, resellers, distributors, etc. A channel sales model is unlike direct sales. Direct sales will involve a company selling its services and products directly to customers or prospects without the involvement of another party.

Benefits of Channel Sales

Yes, when channel sales is executed properly and efficiently, it can provide a variety of advantages and opportunities, including the following:

  • Increased profitability due to outsourcing various costs. While channel sales does involve outsourcing, companies will still be able to retain a significant portion of the profits.
  • Using channel sales will provide companies with more opportunities to develop the products and services they are selling.
  • A channel sales program will increase the credibility of your brand because of the channel partners' endorsement, especially if they have established a solid reputation for themselves. 

How to Get The Most Out Of Channel Sales:

When companies rely on channel partners to sell their products, they can sometimes feel as if they do not have much control over their sales performance and their sales strategy. As a channel sales representative, there are things you can do to keep the channel relationships as profitable and efficient as possible. 

1. Increase Your Knowledge

Every brand that you represent will occupy a piece of your time and energy. As a channel sales rep, it is important that you remain engaged as a representative. As a channel sales representative, if you are engaged throughout the process, you will be more motivated to promote the products and services on a consistent basis. 

2. Set Expectations

When companies work with a channel sales representative, the expectations need to be established in the very beginning. An onboarding process will need to be created so everyone will have the information and resources that are needed. Proper goals will need to be aligned, objectives will need to be aligned, and expectations will need to be established as it relates to your message and your brand.

3. Create A Definition Of Success

As a channel sales representative, we encourage you to identify all of your key performance indicators and unite with your sales team to track your performances. When everyone is aware of what success looks like and feels like, you will be able to properly maintain effective and long-term relationships.

Not only should you have a flexible sales process, but you should also always make sure you are using your skills and your newfound knowledge to improve your overall sales performance. Every company will have its own channel strategy and its own development plan. It is important that you partner with the right company that has goals, objectives, and missions that are aligned with yours. 


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